The Dirty Blonde Stylist: Day of Coordinator


  1. Is your wedding day rapidly approaching?
  2. Are you drowning in a sea of wedding details?
  3. Are you unsure how you are going to complete all the items on your wedding planning checklist?


Let’s be real for a second, you cant do everything the day of your wedding. I know so many brides who have entrusted a bridesmaid, mother or aunt to be the director of their big day and have been sadly disappointed with what goes down the day of. You can organize until the last few hours till you walk down the aisle, but truth is, you are needed for other things. You need to be present, in the moment and above all relaxed. This also goes for the other members of your family, your Bridal party and your guests. Having someone to carry out all the plans that you have spent months creating is so important to me, I cant see how it wouldn’t be for other Brides.

So I want to talk about the Day of Coordinator!

As a planner and day of coordinator myself, I was very curious who I would choose for my day of. She had to be ready for me to be over the top organized, from lists beyond the basic timeline, décor specifics of where things would go and also quick to make the turn around that my venue is going to require. The selection was not easy, but then it was clear as day. Agape Love Events AKA Jasmine. I could not be happier with my choice already! I have full faith in her, she is such a sweetheart, so understanding and I can not wait to see how everything turns out once I hand it over to her capable hands.


So, the key for me, when selecting vendors I wanted to click with each of them. I wanted to make sure they believed in my dream day and were confident and honest about how they thought it was going to fall into place.

So what am I going to do when I work with you? My services stretch to meet any needs you may have. I can join you day one, when that ring is fresh on your finger and we can go step by step the whole way to the alter. Or I can meet you two weeks before the wedding and guide you through those last few stressful weeks.

One of the main questions I get a lot is, “So what do you do as a day of?”

I love this questions, to make it simple I have a few bullet points I hit every time.

  • Attend the rehearsal and become the leader (if needed) I get everyone lined up and become a familiar face for the next day.
  • The Day of I am going to be doing all the things that are supposed to just “fall into place”
    • Setting up décor
    • Communicating with vendors on where to go and distributing timelines so we are all on the same page throughout the night
    • Checking on you and your party, see if anyone needs water, does the air need to be adjusted does a bridesmaid not remember what groomsmen shes walking out with. I am the point person for everyone.
  • Once everything gets going I am making sure it all stays going.
    • Containing drunk groomsmen and make sure they stay for photos when they are needed
    • Bring grandma water and make sure she can see the cake cutting
    • Check in on Mom and make sure she is happy and having fun
    • Making sure you and your groom have a drink in your hand, whether that be water or champagne just let me know.
  • Finally when it is all said and done, I will get y’all out of there for a photo finish! I will make sure your gifts, personal items and guests are all handled before I call it a night.


So that, in a nutshell, Is what I do for you as a Day of coordinator. Another question I get a lot is “Do you still like weddings after being at so many?”

My answer will always be yes. Let me explain why, sure it is easy to get burned out as a guest when you have more the a handful of weddings in one year. As a planner, I still get excited about the details, what is going to make this venue unique? What types of décor are you using to convey a theme? Details like that get me so excited! I also love love. What is life without love, pretty sad. So when the opportunity comes for Love to be celebrated, how could I not always be excited!? There is love everywhere, between the couple, between the family members who haven’t seen each other in a while, from the guests who are over the moon for the happy couple, love is everywhere. My favorite moment of almost any wedding is the Father Daughter dance. It has always out shined the other dances to me and maybe because of the close relationship I had with my Dad? Either way, it gets me every time.ACS_0491

No matter the wedding, I am still always so happy for the couple, for the family, for the guests who were a part of the magical day. I am happy for myself, that I was part of someone’s “Most important day of their life”

If you would like some more details about The Dirty Blonde Stylist for Event and Wedding Planning, Shoot me a message at

I can’t wait to hear from you!



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