Weekly Wedding Words: The not so main event

The other events:

It is easy to get swept up in the complexities of wedding planning. There are so many elements that go into the big day, it does require a lot of focus and planning! But what about the events that come before the wedding? Bachelorette party/trip, bridal shower, a bridal brunch before the wedding? Unfortunately, they don’t just fall into place. So I am dishing out all the events you can’t forget to plan before your wedding.

The Bridal Shower:

While this is typically thrown by the Maid of Honor or another close friend, it is possible that you are alone on this one. Be sure to communicate with bridesmaids, friends and family and figure out who is doing what. Plenty of people do not know a lot about weddings or enough to know when they should be stepping in to help. Communication is key always and in everything in life, including your wedding. The last thing anyone wants to do is assume someone is doing something and then nothing happens.


The Bachelorette Party:

Again, this is an event usually planned by the Maid of Honor, the same rules of thumb applies. Communicate!

If you have always dreamed of going some place or experiencing a concert etc, make that known! Understandably, not every group of girls can afford a wild trip to Vegas or Nashville but there are plenty of fabulous alternatives! So bottom line, talk to her. It does not have to be awkward or uncomfortable, just make is casual. “Do we have any kind of plan for the Bachelorette party yet?” Very simple.

The Rehearsal Dinner:

This event is typically thrown by the parents of the Grooms, since traditionally the rest of the wedding is paid for by the parents of the Bride. This is 2019 and those rules are not assumed anymore. Even if your future in laws are prepared to foot the bill for the rehearsal, do not assume they are going to plan anything. Again, I can’t say this enough, do not assume anything. Better to be pleasantly surprised rather than heartbrokenly disappointed.


The Bridal Brunch:

An old tradition is the Bridal Brunch. A lot of girls let It fall by the way side to save money, but really it is the most low maintenance event you will plan through this entire process. This event can be hosted by anyone but typically the bride. She will gather her girls at a her favorite brunch spot a few days before the wedding, this is essentially a meeting so everyone is on the same page. As a planner, bridesmaids knowing some of the beginning information can really help the planner. Not to say you can rely on them but the girls knowing that pictures starts at 4:00 and that the bride should be ready to walk to the aisle at 5:00 can be pretty helpful in keeping everyone on track. So for me, I will let my girls see the timeline, give them a copy and explain how everything is going to work. And what better place to have a meeting them over waffles and mimosas.

The After Party:

If you have a venue that is lights out at 10:00PM, chances are that your guests are going to want to continue the party. Not to say you and your husband now need to supply more booze for the rest of the night, but maybe set up a little something at the hotel bar. Maybe reserve a private room at a local restaurant or bar and have a cash bar? Being on top of anything you can for see to be an issue can take an event up so many notches. If you do plan a little something, don’t forget to tell everyone. Everyone from the guests staying at the hotel with the after party to the manager of the hotel so he can warm the bar staff that night. Here I say again, communicate!

The purpose of this post is not to make you feel like you must plan all these events. My advice is simple don’t forget, never assume and always communicate. Wishing you happy and peaceful planning for all the wedding events to come!


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