Weekly Wedding Words: How to stay engaged to your wedding planning

How to stay engaged with your wedding planning

So, you are 6 months into planning your wedding. For some brides this means the end is near and you are only weeks away from getting married. For others, this might only be a half way. I am in that sweet spot now. The early glow of excitement and eagerness has faded and the reality of numbers and timelines have started to set in. Being a wedding planner, this is often time when the Bride can start doubting herself, fall behind on to do lists and start to not enjoy the process.

In my experience, at this time, people are sort of tired of hearing about it. Even though there is so much left to do and plan, people no longer want to hear about flowers, favors and jewelry for bridesmaids dresses. So how do we keep our tribe, our fiancée ad ourselves excited about the wedding?

Last week I shared some love for the people in your life who are so there for you during this wedding process. What do you do when even the people in the wedding are “over it” so to say, when it comes to hearing all about the details. This does not happen to everyone, some people will be pumped until the last song of the reception but for those of us who are tired of hearing about the same ole things, here are a few tips from one wedding planner/ Bride to another.


  1. If you always come to your MOH or bridesmaids with problems, find someone new to complain to. No matter what it is, no one wants to hear someone complain all the time. Whether that is about your florist messing up centerpieces or the weather outside, no one wants to be the one who just listens to you complain all the time, your wedding is no excuse. So next time you sit down to your girls and vent, think about what you are going to say and what they have heard 100 times.
  2. Change your attitude, I will admit, as the Bride it is easy to become overwhelmed by the details and millions of questions that must be answered. Needless to say the constant stress can get to a girl. Manage your stress by rewording the “problems” into “possibilities” the “questions” into “options”. It sounds silly, but it really helps. Remember that planning your wedding should be an amazing time, but if we are being realistic, it is a ton of work!
  3. Enjoy the accomplishments you already have. This goes back to the Glass half full and half empty way of life. Rather then thinking about all the things left to do, think about all the things you have already done! The lovely florist you hired who is going to make beautiful bouquets, these favors you picked that everyone will keep remembering your wedding with and that gorgeous dress you are going to marry the man of your dreams in. IMG_8594
  4. When you are feeling down, think about the things that excite you! What do you get hyped up for? Did you love being surrounded by dresses when you went shopping for your gown? Marinate your mind of that beauty of a dress you ordered. Maybe you just can’t wait for a good vacation and that honeymoon is all you are dreaming of. Whatever it takes to put that smile back on your face.
  5. Hand over the reins. If you ever thought that you didn’t want to pay for a full wedding planner, now id the time when more affordable package begin! Planners love to take over at the 6 month mark and personally it is my favorite time to get involved in a wedding. I love to see all that you have done as well as help you with all the “millions” of things left to do. The details are handed over to a professional now and you can relax. I love hearing about all the details, even the things that don’t get you as excited. Hiring vendors who are passionate about what they do is so important! Their enthusiasm is what will continue to either get you excited about it or at least feel like they have it under control for you. So give me a call, send an email I can’t wait to hear from you!



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