Making your wedding guests feel like family

5 Ways to make your guests feel more welcome

The devil is in the details, I never quite understood that expression, but I am lead to believe that it means while something may look simple, the closer you look the more detailed it is.  When it comes to a wedding, most would agree, that this is the place of for details. Details are what set weddings apart. Some extra things here and there can separate a standard hotel wedding to an amazing evening with a great party. I am a huge fan of being extra, hence, I live for the details! I have pulled together five details that can really make life better for you and your and your guests.

Welcome bags

I love a welcome bag, whether it’s for a conference or a fancy hotel stay, that little sense of a greeting is so special to me. In the case of a of wedding, a welcome bag would be found at the hotel for those out of town guests or in their seats when they arrive at the wedding. Check with your hotel and see if this is a service they may already offer for your guests, if not, here is what I think makes a great welcome.ACS_0299



Small water

Bride and groom Sweet and Salty treat.

Program or letter from the couple

It doesn’t have to be much to make an impression. If you are planning to leave a small welcome on the chairs, make it simple, a program with custom tissues could be all they need. Don’t overwhelm them with a whole bag of things to carry along with their purse or coat etc.

Bathroom essentials

This has become a pretty common trend at weddings now and one that I am all about! Your dancing your butt off out there, if you’re like me, you’ve worked up quite a sweat. Head to the ladies room to freshen up and what do we find, a basket of goodies and everything I need!

Bobby pins

Mouth wash

Spray on deodorant


Hair ties

Hair spray

Q tips


Tampons and liners

Take this list as far as you’d like but I think having most of the items above in a small basket or tray in the bathroom will cover most woman’s requests for the evening. In the men’s room, feel free to have a small spread for them as well

Spray on deodorant

Mouth wash



They don’t need as much as we do most of the time.


In some cases, children are just part of the bargain, especially or out of town guests. If you find yourself with a lot of guests wanted to bring their children to a 18+ wedding, consider hiring on site babysitting service. This will go a long way and becomes a win win for you and your guest. You get to have a kid free wedding and the parents aren’t constantly worried about their children miles away at home.

ACS_0129 (1)


If you are planning to do favors, consider doing something practical for your guests or at least unique. A koozie is a go to type of favor. As overdone as they are, I still love a koozie favor. Sure I may not use it years from now or know where it is now, but that night while my beer is cold, my hand isn’t thanks to that little guy. Now if this is a more elegant affair with beers served in glass, I don’t see much need for this as your favor. Up the game, your beer is in glass so maybe your favor should be too, like a custom small candle or a frame for your photo stripe from the photobooth. Being creative doesn’t have to break the bank

2018-12-06 (4)

Thank you cards

This last step comes after its all said and done, thank you cards. Tradition says that guest have up to a year to send gifts to the bride and groom, same timeline applies for sending thank you cards.  This is the last step of your wedding, don’t procrastinate.  Show your guests some appreciation, don’t make them think you took their gift and ran. Once everything is opened dedicate a day and just knock them out. If you get more, then write those cards as soon as you get it so you won’t forget once that new mixer is tucked away under the counter.

A lot of people see things like this a waste of money and things that can be cut when it comes to working with a tight budget. While I can understand that, having a tight budget for my own wedding. At the end of the day, the people you have chosen to spend this day with are important, make them feel appreciated for not only being there for you today but in everyday life.


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