Elf it up!  

 We have all seen the movies, those fancy office Christmas parties that are semi-formal, with appetizers and food for days. Growing up I think we all thought we would have a job that had a big office Christmas party like those. Being a Boss babe that usually isn’t the case. So it’s up to us to throw ourselves our own version of the perfect Christmas party! As a millennial, I think we have all been to at least one Tacky sweater party. Once an original idea, but now seems to be the staple of the holiday season. So how can you throw a Christmas party that is truly special? As an event planner, I thrive on unique and fun filled events, I am excited to throw my own Elf themed party for some of our close friends this year.ACS_0420

The Christmas movie merriment: ELF

This is a low key type party best suited for a smaller group.

Main event: A viewing party of “Elf” with a drinking game twist.

Below you can create or download your own version of the drinking itinerary:

  • Drink for every time you see a reindeer
  • Shot for every time someone says “ho ho ho”
  • Chug your drink when Mr. narwhale says “bye buddy hope you find your dad”
  • Drink every time you hear a Christmas song
  • Drink every time Buddy breaks out in song
  • Every time he mentions the world’s best cup of coffee, pause the movie, starting with the person on the right, list different brands of coffee, last person to not answer must chug their drink.
  • Drink every time the Christmas SPirit is mentioned

I am excited to host this party myself this year for a few friends and can’t wait to let the merriment commence!elf drinking game pic.jpg

Decor:  No need for the fancy décor here, this kind of party is dying to have some handmade décor just like buddy did in the movie. Computer paper linked chains everywhere will do just fine, embrace your inner child and bust out some hand cut snowflakes!

Added details:

  •  Elf drinking sheet printed for everyone
  • Chocolate martinis with peppermint edges and candy cane decor
  • White paper chains and paper snowflakes
  • Christmas cookies shaped like an elf

This is literally the easiest and laziest party a poor 20 something-year-old could throw. I am all about the fabulous types of parties, but save the glitz and glam for new years. Let Christmas be the time for friends, silly movies and a childhood sense of wonder.


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