Extra Extra, Birthdays

Why you SHOULD be so extra for your birthday

I am not one to shame the people who get excited about birthday month, act like a queen during birthday week and ride into their birthday on a throw. I have always loved birthdays! I have always been asked to dumb down my plans for birthdays for the men in my life, no guy ever wanted the surprise party I was planning or the over the top trip I wanted to plan. Somehow they always made their wishes clear to me before I started planning and it was nipped in the bud before I even started. The ladies, on the other hand, most of them are on the same level as myself, printing and mailing invitations for parties weeks in advance, planning trips and all kinds of celebrations that I usually help organize because I am all about it!IMG_8379

Last year was my 25th birthday, as “monumental” as that birthday could have been, I hardly did anything. I was lucky enough to go rafting down the James River in the morning with my fiancée then after that though, there wasn’t much to it. Not from lack of trying but more from me not caring to plan or push for anything.

A lot of my friends were sort of surprised I didn’t do anything extravagant and to be honest, looking back, so I am I.  Why didn’t I want to do anything big, was I just tired? Was I over the idea of being extra? (never) The mystery will always remain.

Earlier this year my Dad passed away, in lieu of a funeral, we threw a “gathering” at his favorite restaurant. We rented the whole place for a few hours, had an open bar, appetizers and made it all about my Dad. It was a great event. So many people told us “that’s the way to do it” and how much they enjoyed themselves. All I could think was “wow, I wish my Dad could have been here to enjoy this, see all his friends, eat this yummy cake!” We never did a big party like that before, especially not for anyone’s birthday. Of course, I am glad that my Dad’s last event was such a success and the biggest event we had thrown, but I so wish he could have been a part of it.

IMG_8908That is when it changed and clicked in me, birthdays are a yearly celebration of life. Not here to say that every birthday party should be as large as a Celebration of Life Gathering, but there is something to be said for a good ole time for every birthday!

Each year you go through so much, don’t you think we deserve to have a day that’s like your own new year’s eve? Celebrate all the accomplishments, morn the losses and learn to congratulate yourself for growing from them, take one day a year that is all about you and makes you special! Everyone has that one day a year where it can be all about you and your journey, have your own reasons to celebrate not just because you are turning 26.

Would I even be a party planner if I didn’t tell you a few fantastic ways to celebrate?

Slumber party

As a kid, 90% of my parties ended with my mom letting my best friends come back to the house and sleepover. Why can’t we continue this staple party moment as adults? You and your girls, face masks, Pizza, champagne, and the best movies you can find. That’s an awesome idea! Even if that is all you do that day, it’s a moment to really catch up, bond and make hilarious moments with your girls that you cant always have in that 1-hour dinner out somewhere.

A day on the Water

Being born in July, a lot of my parties have involved water. An awesome day, that I have yet to live out, is floating the river with a big crowd of friends and of course a floating cooler by my side. Then a picnic lunch when we get out and made even a bonfire to close out the night? A tall over I know, but just sounds like such fun to me!

If the river is a little too country for you there are plenty of water-related alternatives; indoor water parks,  renting a boat for the day, the beach or even just a spa day with some well-deserved time in a hot tub, whatever floats your boat (pun intended)


Pregame & Brewery Crawl

Living in Richmond, I have a lot of access to local breweries. Even if you don’t want to go all out and be super extra, there is a ton of fun to be had just exploring your own city! The Richmond Beer Trail is an interactive map to all the best Breweries and Cideries in RVA. Collect stamps from each location to earn swag in the end and also get pretty drunk along the way. Happy Birthday to me!


No matter how you choose to celebrate your big day, just make sure you do! Remember what you did for your 23rd, 34th and even your 44th birthday, make them all one for the books. Celebrate your life and life moments like that is all there is in life to do. Wednesday wisdom from me to you.


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