Meet the Pre-Fall Fanatic

Yep that’s me! I am obsessed with Pre- Fall! Ever since I started my fashion design studies at Radford, my favorite collection to research was pre-fall. I was always able to find endless inspiration for sketches and new designs, not only for the fall but it just seemed to work for every season. Since then, I have been obsessed with a very specific time of year that I call, Pre-fall. Here in Virginia, there is a certain time of year between late August and early September, where the wind blows just right, the sun is just bright enough and the temperature is just cool enough to create…PRE-FALL weather. Just to give you an example of that you wear on a day like this, it’s like shorts and a thin sweater or three quarter length top. It’s those open toed suede booties that look so fall but you’d freeze your toes off if you actually wore them in October. Those pieces that are only able to be worn when the weather is just right, every girl has at least one piece!

To celebrate this awesome time of year rolling in, I wanted to highlight some of the key trends for fall that are going to be everywhere you look.

1.That 90’s throwback

Everyone from Target to Versace has embraced the 90’s valley girl plaid.  If you haven’t been to Target lately,  a new brand called Wild Fable has leapt into the Young contemporary department. The brand is divided into multiple sections, one literally called the Throwback.ACS_0206 Filled with the yellow clueless plaid mini skirts, black stretch fuzzy crop tops and fanny packs for days, this brand has proven to be right on trend. Not only Target, but these primary colors, cropped pieces and fanny packs are everywhere this fall!

2. Leopard

The way Rachel Zoe says Leopard is my favorite, Leo-Pard, it is forever pronounced that way in my head now. I agree with what she says about it as well, “I think every woman should own a piece of leopard, but not every woman will wear leopard.”


It’s a bold and brave print, ill admit that. But I honestly think every woman should have the confidence to carry herself in leopard. Even if its something small like her shoes or lining of her coat. Small touches of that animal instinct tend to rub off on a person, releasing that inner confidence we all need sometimes.

3. Mauve florals

I love this, it’s the perfect hybrid of a spring trend in fall! Those dark forest colors on flowers is just everything! I have never been one to mix prints often, ill be honest, it scares me. I have never been one of those girls who can put on multiple prints and be totally confident with how it looks, I normally feel I look more clownish then chic. This moody romantic trend is perfectly paired with solid colors or for the brave, even other prints.

4.Pops of Pastels

I’ll be honest, when i saw lilac and pastels coming back into The Who What Wear collection I was so confused. It is popping up everywhere in unexpected ways, ankle boots, in trench coats and all the accessories giving that Easter feel in the middle of October. This trend is all about styling and how to use bold pieces to accent you’re already fabulous looks!ACS_0203

5. Femininity

In the peak of the “Me too” Movement, it is no surprise that designers have heard the call towards a more feminine look. This took shape of flowing dresses, longer hem lines and a romantic vibe to it all. The girly pastels, to the bohemian feel of the florals, they are all tied back to what a woman in today’s world wants to wear and feel good about being in. Fashion is what you wear, style is what who you are.

Your personal style transcendence to your business, your home and of course your wardrobe. Remaining authentic to your style is how we stand out and what makes us different. What makes trends so fun, is interrupting them into your own language. So here’s to translating the best and the bold into your own personal look!


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