Work vs Personal

If you work from home, like so many people do now a days, it is hard to keep a solid line between your home life and your work life. Your dog is right there, your laundry is staring at you and your kids are pulling on your arm. There are endless distractions at times. Working from home is a different environment then going to a different location in the morning. So in a time when we have to stay home or home is the only place we can go, how do you keep the lines from being crossed?

When I first started working from home, I will admit, it was hard to focus at times. Over time I have developed my own strategy for keeping my work and personal life separate.

Have a dedicated workspace

Even if you are working at your dinning room table, have a space that is devoted to your success. Make sure this space includes a comfortable chair, good lighting for any video calls and a speedy internet connection.

Make separate to- do lists

It is easy to think of things you want to do during the day. Vacuum the living room, fold the laundry that won’t stop staring at me, finish that book I was reading last night. If you think of non-work related things, have a separate notepad or place on your phone for this list.

Create new daily routines

While working from home may be new to many people, having a routine is still very important. Maybe you replace your morning commute with a morning walk? Get up at a reasonable time, get dressed for the day, and head to your “office”. Have a time when you take lunch everyday and maybe make a routine around your pet. When they need to go outside you get a break to make some more coffee, grab some more batteries for your mouse, or just take a breath of fresh air. Staying in work mode is the goal!

Creating a space that keeps you motivated can be one of the hardest parts. At the end of the day you are still working from home and fir some it is a new environment. For some this is an opportunity to thrive in a new environment. Challenge yourself to make new healthy habits and concur each day!


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