Memories That Last a Lifetime

It is hard to believe that I have been married 6 months now, how time flies. Once the thrill of being a newly wed started to sink in, I began to think about how I can preserve all of my wedding memories. Memories as special as these are going to be cherished. All throughout my childhood, I preserved memories in scrap books with my Nana. Not much has changed as I have gotten older, my Nana still made me a beautiful scrap book with all my wedding photos that I will cherish forever.

I wanted to find other ways to capture our love in our everyday life. With the power of Etsy and Small Woods Home, there are so many creative ways to do just that!

The sky on our wedding night

This creative beauty was given to me by my husband on our first married Valentine’s day. I love how simply elegant this is. It also reminds me of a night that flew by as we danced under this star filled sky.

Our first dance sheet music

We danced to “Today” by Brad Paisley on our wedding day. I look at this framed image and can hear the song in my head. Not to mention, the vintage look goes great with our farmhouse styled home.

Pressed bouquet

I always incorporate pressed flowers into my scrap books if there were any at the event. This is like hanging that page right on my wall in a beautiful frame.

Canvas prints of your vows

I have several Small Woods prints hanging in my house. This is my go to company for a great farmhouse print or image. This was my first try with custom work, but I knew I wanted to hang our vows over our bed from day one. I also blew up my favorite photo from our wedding by Sabrina Boykin Photography for the middle. I have to say this was well with every penny and every minute of trying to make sure they were perfect. I have a daily reminder of those promises I made to Jacob.

I raise a glass to you and your wedding memories. May they never be forgotten or lost in time.


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