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I will be honest, I do not travel very much. My childhood vacations were spent in Williamsburg, VA and VA beach. Both no more then 2 hours from home. In my teen years, I loathed the same old trip with family to such a “boring” place. Now as an adult, we don’t take many family vacations anymore. I would give a lot to go back to those family trips and memories. During this time when family seems far away and travel, even further away, I can’t help but day dream on memories and my next adventure.

I have not traveled much, but I have always had an incredible desire to explore the USA. Below are some of my wish list travel locations that are keeping my day dreams positively filled with light!

NYC: The Walker Hotel and The Museum of Ice Cream

New York is filled with all the fabulous things. The Museum of ice cream and all its childlike wonder would defiantly be a stop during my stay. I would also make time a taping of the The Wendy Williams show (hot topics is such a guilty pleasure) I would also stop at the Met of course and enjoy some unique dining options paired with a Carrie Bradshaw Manhattan wherever I roam into.

The Florida Keys: Tranquility Bay Beach House Resort and a diving trip

If you are looking for that tropical destination without a passport, I have always though Florida was the answer. Relaxation, beaches and one large strawberry daiquiri and I will be set.

Asheville North Carolina : Glamping and a trip to the Biltmore

A southern dream, to roam the gardens and rooms of the Biltmore. Then to return to your yurt to sleep under a blanket of stars, I think it sounds magical. This glamorous site is only a few hours from my home so potentially a perfect weekend trip.

Sedona Arizona: A stay at Enchantment Resort and a hot air balloon ride.

I would love to explore the west the a modern day cowgirl. Get outside with a jeep tour of the rocks and terrain or a tour through the canyons. The west looks like nothing else I have ever experienced. Not to mention a great excuse to pack a suitcase full of fringe and turquoise.

San Francisco: Staying at the Argonaut Hotel

That’s so Raven was based in San Fran and from that moment I wanted to visit and see what it was all about. Roam the hills from the bay to China town, something tells me I would not be disappointed. Not to mention a quick visit to the Full House house, what an iconic city for that alone.

I hope these destinations fill your mind and make you want to wander. What are your bucket list trips? Drop your comments below!


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