The Wedding Vibe

When you first start wedding planning, it seems like all you are doing is getting asked questions and expected to have the answers. It can be exhausting and overwhelming. Even if you have a wedding planner, one of the decision you and your fiancee have to make is what kind of feeling do you want to provoke at your wedding? What is the vibe? This answer travels down the line to almost all your decisions.


The dresses:

When picking out your bridesmaid dresses with the girls, they will undoubtedly look to you for answers. “does this look good?” “what do you think?” “What color do we need to wear?” During the ceremony and in photos, the bridesmaids set a huge tone for the overall look of the wedding. When the girls all turn to look for you it all falls back to that vibe. Do you want a color to come through as the main focus? Causal? Formal? elegant or edgy? As soon as you figure this out, planning will become a lot easier.

The Decor:

How you decorate the venue can be a huge undertaking. Some venues come fully loaded with a tone, vibe and style all their own. Others, like a tent for example, do not. all back on your overall vibe for inspiration.  If your vibe is airy and boho consider family style seating with lots of flowing fabric that can flow softly in the wind. If you want to bring a more elegant and romantic vibe, lean into candles, candles and more candles with limited excess lighting during dinner. Use the vibe and feeling you want to convey to inspire you set up.


The personal touches:

Throughout the ceremony and reception, there are plenty of options to incorporate personal touches. Our wedding was filled with small touches that were unnoticeable to most people but we knew they were there. Like eating our dinner on china that belonged to our respective grandparents. Our rehearsal dinner menu featured a quote from Michael Scott, from our favorite show. At the end of the day, part of our vibe was to feature favorite things as a couple and to honor our families. Not all parts of the vibes are colors and decor.

Tips from a pro, answering this simple question, you will come to find is the answer to many questions that lie ahead. Once you know your vibe, give me a call. I would love to help you make your vision come to life.


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