The 200 Day Check List

This timeline is often known as the 6ish month checklist but for those of you with a countdown app to the big day, 200 days is what you are looking at.

While planning weddings the panic and stress can come up at multiple times, for some people this is in the beginning but for most, it is towards the end of the process. Rather then having all the stress hit you at the 100 or 10 day mark on your countdown, consider this your checklist to spread out the stress.

By this time major vendors should be accounted for: Catering, venue, Photographer, band or DJ and wedding party selected. One of the easier things to knock out is to pick the remaining vendors: Dessert vendor, any add ons like videographer, photobooth, entertainment, then your florist, rentals  and day of coordinator.

IMG_8922 (1)

Check out RVA Weddings for a full list of Richmond’s finest broken down into categories for each vendor. Having your vendors is like having a little army of support behind you. Now, I realize that putting down deposits for vendors is no small task if you are paying for the wedding yourself. So do what you can when you can, but don’t spend other wedding money until the vendors are secure.

As I have previously mentioned, one of my favorite organizing tricks is to work backwards. When planning on a large scale, like with your wedding, make a list of all the events and big picture things that need to be done. My list would look something like this for example.

To Do:


  • Location
  • Flowers, when, who and how many to be reused
  • How many people?
  • Chair layout
  • Vows
  • Special readings or important people to include
  • Music


  • Venue
  • Order or events
  • Food and menu
  • Layout
  • Color pallet

Rehearsal dinner

  • Budget
  • Venue
  • Menu
  • Guest list
  • decor

Bridal shower

  • Who is planning?
  • Theme
  • Date
  • Outfit
  • Thank you notes

Just to give a few ideas, but you will be surprised how easily the things start following once you just go through the big picture.


Once the list is made, start assigning deadlines or themes for the months.

January: Ceremony and details

February: Menu items for cocktail hour and reception etc….

The key is now sticking to our deadlines the best you can. That being said, make sure your timeline is realistic. Your final two months should not be spent doing big picture items. Same can be said for if you know that March is going to be a busy time at work or in your personal life, don’t assign giant time consuming tasks for that time.  Work to be your own best planner.

I hope these tips an trick prove to be helpful, however if all they have done is over whelm you and stress you out, give me a call. I would love to help you master the maze of weddings.



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