Weekly Wedding Words – The Moments I Did Not Plan

Some would call me a compulsive planner when it came to our wedding. I had the most detailed timeline I had ever made including details like “Groomsmen: leave cell phones in the suite when heading down for the ceremony” what can I say, I knew what I wanted and had to convey a message. I worked my butt off for months prior, organizing, communicating, drawing out floor plans and well, you get it. All in order to be able to trust in my plan and my vendors to execute my vision. On my wedding day, one of my dreams came true, I was calm. I was able to laugh, enjoy and not stress on my wedding day. Even the best planners can be taken by surprise though.

Sabrina Boykin Photography 

When I was getting ready and about to get into my dress, my photographer looked at me and said: “Did you want to do a first look with your girls?” It had not even occurred to me, but I was like “sure that sounds good.” We quickly kicked the bridesmaids out of the suite-style bathroom, I slipped on my dress and came out to my girls covering their eyes with their hands. The photographer stood behind me ad counted down from three. They dropped their hands and five girls, including me, all teared up simultaneously. That moment was captured and is forever in my heart. That first look was better than any moment I could have had with a man. Sometimes girls just react the way you need, at the end of the day, your girls will always be there for you and make you feel beautiful.  How I almost missed that moment, is still beyond me.


Like the weather, no one can plan for how the guests of your wedding will behave. You can try and predict how many beers the college guys will throwback, will the aunts and uncles dance to the old school hits, will the majority of people make it to the sparkler exit? You just never know! While we had a lot of faith in our friends and family, I never could have planned for the fun times we all had at our reception. Our guests were fueled by cheap beer, champagne bubbles, and hip hop hits from the ’08 era. I am so thankful for the great moments captured on the dancefloor that will bring me right back to that evening.

We left our rehearsal venue site slightly later then I had expected. I hopped in the car and remembered I was going to give a speech at the rehearsal dinner. I had written a detailed speech but had only memorized some of the key phrases.  Flustered by running late and having to make an extra stop on the way to dinner, I decided to say “screw it” I was not going to make a speech and would just write a detailed thank you note after the fact. Halfway through dinner, I leaned over to Jacob and said: “I am going to make my toast after all”. When Champagne and dessert came out, I stood up and spoke from my heart. I teared up and told everyone how much we appreciated them. We both have amazing friends and family who stood by our side on the day we pledged our love to each other.  I wanted them all to know that and say it to their faces that night.


So no matter what may come your way on your wedding day, good or bad, my advice is to roll with it. No bride should be stressed or still planning on her wedding day. Trust in your plan, trust in your vendors, and breath in every spontaneous moment.

If you are still looking for that planner you trust on your big day. I would be happy to help you, send me an email at TheDirtyBlondeStylist@gmail.com for more information.



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