2020 Preview

As the new year rolls in with the new pressures and new expectations, I am left wishing that 2020 came with a little preview. A trailer for this next year would be great, just a quick minute and half video of what to expect for the year. While unfortunately God prefers the surprise of it all, we are left to dream up our own vision of what the year holds. I believe that a goal without a plan is just a wish. So in the season of “#goals” and “new year, new me”  I am sharing my plans for the new year to make my goals attainable.

1. Vocalize

Telling people about your plans makes them more real. It is one thing to hold yourself accountable, but having others in your corner watching adds on. One reason I am writing this blog is to share my goals with my followers, so all of you can hold me accountable. So when I say I am going to change my name everywhere legally in 2020, you are here to hold me to it!

2. Make short term goals to get to your long term success.

Whether that is to grow your followers by 10-50 new followers a week, to blog once a week, or to keep your house vacuumed once a week. Saying phrases like “grow my following” “Lose weight” or “keep the house cleaner” are less then helpful. Keep your goals specific.

3. Be realistic

People have a tendency to pile on the resolutions and think they can change their life over night and all at once. We all know this is usually not the case. Make three main goals that are specific and realistic to you and your life.

4. Play to your strength and realize your weaknesses

if your strength is planning, get yourself a planner and map out your journey. It is easy to ignore your weaknesses, there is nothing fun about your weakness. Just like fear or an addiction the first step to over coming them is acknowledging them.

5. Mental goals are just as important as physical ones

it may sound corny, but if your goals include something to the effect of “be less judgmental” or “celebrate life more” (like mine). We can not discredit those and let them slip. While the scale, mirror or the way our pants fit remind us that the “lose weight” goal is slacking, there is not as clear of a reminder that the mental goals may have been abandoned. Do not let the goals we keep to our self be any less important then the ones seem by everyone.


Cheers to the babes we strive to be, to the goals we will reach this year and to the love we will continue to give back to the world.


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