Weekly Wedding Words: Registry Reflection

The dust has settled (literally) in our house after our wedding. To my shock, I realized yesterday that I had not vacuumed my house in 3 weeks with all the wedding stuff in the way! Our home has become a storage until for out dishes, wine glasses, vases, candles and other various décor pieces that I am dying to get out of our house.  Yesterday we had officially been married a month and it has been a wonderful month. The honeymoon phase in full effect, a phase I hope we never let go of. While there are plenty of things that I am anxious to get ride of, there were some special pieces I was all too excited to put away in our home.


While going through our wedding gifts I felt so blessed that we were showered with such beautiful and generous gifts. While making my registry I admit I had a hard time trying to decide what I wanted to replace, what I needed and what I wanted just because it was pretty.  Today I am excited to be on the other side of the registry, gifts in hand, thank you notes being written.

For all you Brides to be who are unsure of what to register for, I am here to share some of my favorite registry items!


New towels- I loved our new towels from Target! Absorbent, classic and soft as can be.

New dishes- I am so glad I took this opportunity to give our kitchen a whole vibe. A large chunk of my registry was kitchen related. Dinner plates, salad plates and appetizer plates followed by dish towels, place mats, and new silverware.

A hand held vacuum- In a house with a dog, even short hair leaves a lot hair, dust and dirt around, especially snuggled into the couch. Grabbing that Bissell Pet hand held is a lifesaver!


Baking items- one of my hobbies is baking, I love making festive cookies and cakes. Tirelessly working to try and replicate Pinterest desserts. Since this is just a hobby I never could bring myself to buy the extra cake pans, silicone baking mat or fancy icing knives. This was a perfect time to stock up on those little things I always wanted but could never rationalize spending money on.

The Kitchen aid stand mixer- Every southern girls ultimate kitchen accessory! Having that beautiful piece of kitchen machinery on my counter makes me feel like an adult. This also lends a helping hand to my baking hobby.


There is something to be said for those classic gifts, there is a reason that newlyweds still ask for towels, dishes and appliances. My advice, do not over think things, you do not have to fill your registry with stuff just to have stuff on their. For more ideas check out my post on registry creation!



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