Weekly Wedding Words: Luxury details on a dime store budget

Bachelorette parties these days are getting more and more over the top and I am all about it. If you can get everyone in the mind set that this is a trip/vacation/girls weekend rather than just an event that happens before the wedding, your girls tend to be more on board.  For my bachelorette party, like so many other brides before me, we are going to Nashville. It was a no brainier picking the location, I love country music, we did not have to fly and it’s a fantastic party on every block. While it might be “basic” to pick a location like Nashville, I could care less! I am so excited to spend some good quality time with my girls.IMG_3530.JPG

We will be heading out labor day weekend, so the time is right to start making all the final arrangements before we head out. I wanted to share with you some of my best tips for a luxurious bachelorette weekend!

Welcome bags

Being greeted with a welcome bag is so high end to me. For my girls they will each be greeted with a welcome bag complete with hard copy of the weekends itinerary, ibuprofen, snacks, a T shirt for the weekend and of course a mini champagne.

Custom playlists for the ride there, getting ready to go out etc.

Having a playlist that fits the mood of where you are going is a great touch. It is also much easier than hoping Spotify sets the tone for the night.


Plan a half day for Spa or pampering time

This might be a quick trip but if you are there more then 3 days, carve out some time to watch Bridesmaids or a romantic movie, put on a face mask and have some girl pampering time. If you can’t afford for a day at the real spa, resort back to your 10th birthday party theme, spa party! My recommendation would be to come back to the room early before dinner one day, maybe around 2:00. Everyone has a shower then que the face mask and nail polish! You’ll have a fresh face for dinner and no one will feel rushed.

Custom dinner menus

If you have a large group and are doing a more formal dinner, call ahead and ask if there are any special touches you can add for the group. Custom menus with the Brides name, a special shout out from the DJ, or even special décor for a private table. You would be surprised what restaurants and bars can do when you ask.



When you go to a fancy hotel or spa, amenities really set the experience over the top! So if you can’t afford the luxury hotel, take on that role yourself. Provide water bottles in car, champagne and juice for a make shift mimosa bar in the morning, or a keep sake from the trip.

The best way to create a luxury experience, is to plan ahead! small touches can go a long way! Happy planning lovely!




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