Weekly Wedding Words: The Bride I wanted to be

The Bride I wish I could be

This morning I stumbled across The Knot’s new Podcast called XOXO. I listened to the story of Country Star, Russell Dickerson and his wife Kailey’s, story about their wedding. Listening to them speak, they sounded so chill and easy going as a couple. They talked about the details and unique pieces of their wedding day; it was on Cinco De Mayo, they were married by his Dad and her brother who are both preachers, they had an open ceremony with 600 people at the ceremony, they prayed together before the wedding, but did not have a first look and they said they wanted a big party of fun, dancing and laughter and that is what they got. She said she wasn’t very into the details, she planned the wedding in three months on purpose. The longer the planning would have gone on, the more indecisive and more opinions would have gotten in the way. They dreamed of being married, not about the wedding itself.


There are so many ways to think and view a wedding. The money, time and effort some people just do not think is a good investment, so they opt for smaller weddings or even just the courthouse. Some view weddings as the biggest and best day of your young life, it should be everything and more. Then there are the people in the middle. I believe I am more in favor of it being a huge deal, I feel like I have invested so much time money and energy in creating this amazing thing that will be a wonderful day. Not because of all the stuff but because I am going to marry Jacob that day. Part of me wonders, what if I had opted for something smaller? What if I had decided to just have 75 people in a small venue with only appetizer style food and hoped to have a great party out of that?

The what if’s will kill you when it comes to wedding planning. I will admit, it takes a confident person to make a decision and stick to it. Kailey was right, the longer the engagement the easier it has been to change things, add things and make alterations. The Bride I wanted to be would be carefree, yet strong with her decisions. She would be easy going and always happy, she would bond with her family and fiancee. I think there is a journey each bride takes along this sometimes long road to the aisle. There are things you learn about yourself, how you work with your mom, how you handle basically having two jobs, how you stay motivated to save money and be involved in your wedding planning for months on end. ACS_0247.JPG

I am grateful for my time as a fiancee, I have learned more about how I am as an adult, How I handle stress and how Jacob and I work together. So while I may not be that gorgeous bride who does not care about flowers, I am the Bride who is going to be proud of our wedding and looking forward to the day I get to marry my best friend.

Happy Planning lovely ladies!


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