Weekly Wedding Words: All the changes

Oh the things that change:

4 months out…it is officially June, marking the start of summer and summer weddings. While my own wedding is not until October, I am starting to see and feel the excitement from those Brides who are ready top walk own the aisle in only a few weeks! Yesterday I walked my venue for the 5th time, by my side I had Jacob of course, my sister/maid of honor/ mother, my DJ/uncle and our venue coordinator. One thing that has become such a challenge for me is decorating a space that I don’t know very well or get to see every day.  When you decorate your house you look at those walls and feels those floors all day until you look at it and decide “I know what color wall this will be” or “ I think I know what type or rug I want here. With a venue, it is all memorization.


Sure there are photos online, on your phone from your first tour and descriptions from your coordinator but when you get back into the space, it could feel totally different. As I walked the space again yesterday, book cases didn’t have as many shelves as I remembered, that tree’s branches were higher then I thought and things that had never occurred to me were suddenly right in front of me.

As we get into these last few weeks and months before the wedding the details start to set in. So I am taking this time to learn from Brides that have come before me, and asking;

So Bride to Bride, what has changed since you first picked out your venue?

How was your actual wedding different then what you thought you would plan?

I am not married yet but I can already list a handful of things that are different from the wedding I had originally planned.

For starters, I thought my wedding would be soft multi shades of purple as far as colors go, I was all set to be these vintage dark purple bud vases at one of my favorite antique stores. Thank goodness I didn’t, otherwise they would just be scattered around my house.

I thought that my wedding would be totally outside. It wasn’t until my fear of rain got the best of me and I decided that I needed a venue that could be inside and outside. Which lead me to find my venue at Meadow Hall.  meadow outside

I imagined I would have my bridesmaids in different dresses in different shades of a certain color, instead, they all found a beautiful dress that looks great on all of them. They all look beautiful!

It is funny the way things change through a process, but honestly, I don’t mind the changes. I may have always dreamed about my wedding, but I never planned my wedding to Jacob. I am excited to see how everything comes together, I am more than anything, excited to marry Jacob.

So whether you are in the first weeks of planning or the last few days, embrace the changes and expect things to not go as planned. It will all work out the way it is supposed to.

Happy Planning!


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