Weekly Wedding Words: The Commitment

The commitment

During the wedding planning process, there are a million decisions to be made and a billion options for each. For each step in the wedding planning process, there comes a time when a final decision must be made, this can be hard for a Bride sometimes. There is no telling what you will stumble upon tomorrow to make you want to change from plastic plates to ceramic plates. It can’t all be as easy as knowing this is the man for you. So when does the guessing about what you want, become a commitment to what you are going to get?

In my current phase of planning, the whole wedding party is feeling those emotions on some level. The large vendors are booked and now it’s time to get into the nitty gritty of it all. Bridesmaid dresses are going to be ordered in just a few weeks, so the pressure is on for me and the girls to find those perfect dresses that are crazy expensive! Along with the dresses, decisions like plates, linens, music and toasts are becoming more of a focus.

Is there anything worse than being indecisive? With events as big as a wedding it isn’t uncommon the indecisive gene to take over, even I am guilty of it more than usual. So I have come up with three things to have helped me even in my toughest of decisions.


  1. The Breakdown

Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed, my go-to strategy is to break down the question or problem into parts that don’t overwhelm me.

Example: You can’t make a decision on plastic plates vs real? They need to be ordered the same time as the linens if you are going to rent them and the vendor is being pushy about getting a final answer.

The Breakdown: Ignore the timelines and pressure from others and just picture your wedding. That up-close shot of the tables all set, beautiful flowers in the middle and your guests aren’t even there yet. What does that look like? Sometimes meditating on the issue rather than trying to make a jolt decision really helps to focus and not regret something you picked when you were overwhelmed.

  1. The Original

Throughout my wedding planning, I have been super organized. It is in my nature as a wedding planner, but I will admit being the Bride is a totally different role. Part of my decision making, has been going back to my original thoughts I jotted down in the very beginning. Being able to see an uncomplicated view of what I wanted from the get-go, sometimes brings me back to reality.

  1. The Hyper organization

When I first started planning, after I jotted down little bits and pieces I wanted, I wrote down all the big pieces. From there, I made a timeline from January until October, just a few bullets of things that need to get done that month. Then when the month comes, make an even more detailed list; not just book a florist in March but also pick out all the specific flowers you want in the bouquets. That is the next thing most florist will ask you anyway. It has become an efficient way to knock things off my list and also makes me focus on making decisions before the month is over.


I hope these little tricks help you on the road to your big day! If in doubt, you still find yourself overwhelmed and are looking for a little help, that’s what I am here for!



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