Weekly Wedding Words

How to savor your time as a fiancée

They say the time before your wedding passes so fast. You spend a year and sometimes 2, planning this huge day that is never any longer than 24 hours no matter how much you plan. Usually, as a planner, I do not experience the emotion side of wedding planning. Being a bride myself now, the tables have turned. I got engaged in June and here it is March! Where has the time gone?? While I am steadily chipping away at wedding planning pieces, it already feels like this year is flying by! March may as well be spring, which may as well be may, then its summer and then fall which means my wedding!

Now while I realize there is a lot of jumping in that way of thinking, that is how I feel.

I Can finally relate to my brides who look at me and say “How is this day already here?”


I got to thinking today, “how can I savor this time?”

So follow along wedding lovers and brides to be, I am excited to announce a weekly blog post called the Weekly Wedding Update!

Each week I will share a peek inside my wedding planning process.

We are at the point where I have spent the last three months frantically booking vendors, fear that many would already be booked. Now I am almost done with the large purchases and had a second to breathe. You look around and say when was the last time we just had a silly conversation or when was the last time our plans didn’t revolve around saving money for the wedding?ACS_0129.JPG

So how do we savor this time?

I think it boils down to these three things:

  1. Don’t forget to be present in the moments. I always say life does not stop to plan a wedding. There are still birthdays, dinners, concerts and family functions.

Don’t miss out on those moments by only wanting to think, talk, save and obese over the wedding. Everyone is happy for you and happy to talk about the wedding…to a point.  Leave something to their imagination the next time you want to tell your aunt all the details you have planned for the reception


2. Remember to love on your man! This wedding would not even be happening if it wasn’t for you two TOGETHER. So stay together, it is easy for the planning bride who does 95% of the wedding planning and the groom shows no interest. That doesn’t mean you need to keep it all to yourself, talk to him and include him in an aspect that you can. This is all about you two anyway, now isn’t the time to drift apart.

3. Stay having fun! While a wedding can be huge finical stress, don’t let it control your life. Worrying about money is a stress that is undeniable. There is always that extra 30 bucks you can take to get a slice of pizza and have a drink at a brewery one Saturday night, just you two, good old fashion date night. There are plenty of low budget ways to have fun, get day drunk by yourselves, order a pizza and watch a movie, go mini golfing, take a long walk together and just talk. “We are never short of opportunities, or short on chances to take. It is in these moments when we remember who we are, and why we are together.” -Myself  


Stay tuned for next weeks feature!

Happy planning lovelies!


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