The Candle Light Society

There are hundreds upon hundreds of articles, books, magazines written about love. In a society where almost half of marriages end in divorce, the odds do not seem to be in your favor. I recently had the privilege of planning an event for the Candle light society. I would love to be able to tag or hashtag thier event however that is hardly their style or forte. The Candle light society is a group of people, Men and woman, who gather monthly and ballroom dance. Most of the attendants however are in their 70’s at least.

“It’s the kind of event where when someone stops coming it is because they died….” that is how the event was pitched to me.IMG_1465

This particular evening was the 60th anniversary of two of the members. At one point during the event the husband leaned over to me and said “thats my wife, I’ve been dancing with her for over 60 years” that statement melted my heart and made me smile from ear to ear. A simple yet affectionate love that had not faded since they married but had only grown.

Last year there was a Swiffer commercial that made me melt! Lee and Morrtie Kaufman, living life and just being that adorable old couple we all aspire to be. Still calling each other babe, caring if his wife is safe while cleaning the house and ignoring her as she went on and on about how great her new duster was. This event reminded me of that exact feeling.

All the guests busted out their Sunday best to dance the evening away, at least till 8:00pm. The whole room smelled of Chanel Number 5. All the ladies looked so pretty and happy to be their for their monthly outing. We served easy food; ham biscuits, bacon wrapped shrimp, and fruit platters. I learned about the love of Ginger ale that is shared by any people over 60, we went through 4 bottle 2 liters. Jacob was my drafted assistant for this event. He stood proud by me helping me pour drinks and help people through the line. All the guests were so sweet and appreciative. Complementing me on the food, like I’d made it, (thanks De fazio’s)  Also complementing how cute Jacob and I were just like grandparents do.

I left that night, after a easy clean up, feeing happy, appreciated and good about the work I had done. Not all work is for the money, this one in particular, I know that having that change of scene with flowers, hot food and a few decorations made this “dance party” memorable for them. Just doing my job.


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