Oh Baby Shower

I will be honest, I never gave too much thought to my baby shower. When it came time to plan the big day, I was not a lot of help from the get-go. My mom and sister did a fabulous job picking up the slack for my creatively exhausted mind. Today I am sharing the details from my Vintage Winnie the Pooh shower.

Venue: Willow Oaks Country Club

Food: Catering from Willow Oaks brunch buffet menu with a few tweaks. It was so great being able to customize the brunch menu to fit our budget and taste.

The Menu:

  • Bacon
  • Chicken and waffles
  • Biscuits
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Assorted pastries
  • Breakfast potatoes
  • Tea, lemonade and coffee

Dessert: Publix and Copy Cat Cakes

Like most people, I found a beautiful cake on Pinterest during my planning search. Copy Cat Cakes did such a fabulous job recreating this Winnie the Pooh cake design, it was one of the most noticed details. From Publix we had chocolate-covered strawberries, petit fours, and macaroons. I love styling a dessert table and this one was no exception. We used a combination of cake stands and wood slab trays to display the different desserts.

Decor: Amazon, Etsy and Party City

There were so many great touches that brought the theme to life. including Winnie the Pooh backdrops, diaper raffle cards, game boards, oversized balloons, hanging charters, greenery, and “Honey pots” to hold the flower arrangements. We painted terracotta pots with “honey” coming over the side and added Pooh’s signature handwriting to the side for each table. I used mason jars inside each pot to hold the water for the flowers. As the florist in the family, I was all too happy to create the centerpieces. White hydrangeas, white roses, and yellow billy balls made these sweet arrangements come to life.

Games: Diaper raffle, A-Z baby addition, baby BINGO, scratch-off lottery tickets, how well do you know the mom?

I am all about the cheesy games! Etsy has made it easy to customize and select different games for your shower. We were able to find on theme boards on Etsy and printed them off on cardstock. I think for timeline purposes, games are a great way to break things up. Filling in your BINGO board can be done while people eat and get settled, the scratcher we did last so people did not get up and leave the second the gifts were done. Placing games throughout the event gives people something to do and can give guests something to talk about if they do not know a bunch of other people there.

My classy and classic shower was so beautiful. I was am so thankful to everyone who came and helped me celebrate our little boy. I am so thankful for the love that my mom and sister clearly have for me. Planning an event for someone is nothing short of an act of love. I am always so appreciative when an event is then for me. I know first hand all of the time and money that goes into something so fabulous.


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