Baby Shower Host 101

Baby’s have certainly been on the brain this year. I am so lucky to have a bestie who is also pregnant this year! We have been comparing notes and getting excited for our kids to be fast friends being only 4 months apart in age. As someone who loves to celebrate, I was all too excited to help plan a beautiful shower for her with the help of her mother-in-law. Today I am sharing a few of my favorite touches from her shower and how you create your own beautiful shower.

More than finger food

We started the event with lunch. An Italian catered lunch served buffet style. Ashley loves breadsticks, mozzarella sticks and pasta, and who doesn’t? By hosting the event in a space that had seating for all, we were able to serve a full lunch that took the first hour of the shower. No standing around awkwardly wondering when the games would begin or making another trip to the snack bar waiting for something to happen.

Games Games Games

Some people hate baby shower games, we are not those people. Games keep guests engaged, give them something to do and give them something to compete for. For Ashley’s Shower, we selected the following games. Some are more like stations and don’t require prizes or a lot of effort, like late-night diapers.

  • Find the pacificer
  • The Price is Right
  • Late night diapers
  • Baby Bingo
  • My water broke

A Subtle Theme

When planning this shower, from the beginning, we didn’t want an obnoxious theme. We wanted more of a feeling and anesthetic. Her little girl deserved a girly, sweet, feathering her nest-style party. Ashley loves birds, so what a great opportunity to incorporate something she loves in such a delicate way. When planning a shower for your besties, include things she loves. Personal touches make the shower beautiful in a sentimental way. We incorporated birds onto the centerpieces, the dessert table, and small decor pieces around the shower.

Speaking of decor! A few things to consider. Where are the photos going to be taken? Make sure the mom-to-be has a beautiful place to sit for opening gifts. We used a vintage wicker white chair covered in a sheer drape, battery-powered lights wrapped around the arms and fresh flowers tucked in here and there. The chair was placed in front of a balloon arch and baby blocks so every photo looked on theme. Fresh flowers always add an elegant touch in my opinion. For this shower, we had a table arrangement for each table, pieces for the mantels, small arrangements to place on random tables, and the welcome sign too. I used white hydrangeas, purple and light pink roses, light pink carnations, and light purple wildflowers sprigs to complete the arrangements. Protip, I use dollar tree vases and flowers from Trader Joes for almost all of my DIY arrangments. Flowers don’t have to cost an arm and a leg to add a beautiful touch.

Gifts and prizes

Having favors for your guests and prizes for the winners of the games gives back to those who attended. For favors, we provided to-go bags and prewrapped sugar cookies on the dessert table. We encouraged guests to bag up candy, brownie bites, petit fours and sugar cookies. We aren’t left with 100 desserts at the end of the day and guests can bring a sweet home for later or to their family at the end of the day. For the prizes, I created gifts that made me think of the mom-to-be. Fuzzy socks, pink nail polish, makeup sponges, candles, bath bombs, nail files, and mini champagnes. I used a few of these in each little goodie bag. Just enough to make the winner feel special. As an extra touch, I made custom tags for each mini champagne that read: “Ready to pop”.

In short, planning a shower is no small feat to take on. It is so worth it to celebrate such a special woman in your life. I hope that these details will help you throw a shower worthy of your special mom to be’s shower.


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