Pregnancy Style: Zero to four months

When you search “pregnancy style” online the results are so unfair. All of these women with huge baby bumps dressed in fabulous outfits. The truth is that large baby bump doesn’t come until about five or six months into your pregnancy for most women so what is a girl to do as her body continues to change during those first zero to four months?

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I have been beyond excited to dress up. Pregnancy style is portrayed so cute on Pinterest and Instagram. I was so anxious to get in on the fun. What I didn’t expect is that for the first few months, there isn’t a whole lot different. Today I wanted to share a few style tips for dressing your newly pregnant body in those first few months.

In the first few months you won’t necessarily have that beautiful bump to accessorize with what you actually have is a lot of bloating, giving the look that you gained a few extra pounds as opposed to carrying new life. For me, I entered into pregnancy as a size 10. Any extra bloating our chubby feelings were not welcomed. I like to feel confident in my clothes as if they are my armor. To combat this feeling I looked in my existing wardrobe for things I could style differently and make work for my new figure.

A few go to pieces

The first few months is not the time to be buying new clothes. This is temporary, don’t think you need a whole new wardrobe. Some of my favorite looks include tent style Or T-shirt dresses. High waisted leggings with a variety of sweater tops are an easy look on any given day.

I won’t lie for me this was a hard time when it came to getting dressed. Most of my clothes gathered in around my natural waist or a high waist. As your stomach continues to grow that is not going to be an easy place for elastic or tight bands of clothing to lay. Instead I’ve chosen an empire style waste, allowing for lines to fall right below your bust or bra line.

Use belts to pull in items to whatever section of the body you want. I love belting a large long open front cardigan over leggings and a tank top. Instantly I feel more polished as opposed to frumpy.

Your entire pregnancy will be a time to play around with styles that may not have been your friend in the past. I enjoy every outfit as my body is constantly changing and that look may not work week from now. Like my jeans and T-shirt look for example…

Looking for more style tips? Follow along on Instagram at the_dirty blonde_stylist to see more of my pregnant looks!

– MB

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