Who is the Dirty Blonde Stylist?

Recently I was thinking about my brand vs. my own personality. Branding is such a huge piece of your business. While your brand does not have to replicate your personality, it should definitely compliment it. Every few months, I “check in with my brand”. I look at my content and vibe that I am putting out in the world and say “Does that make sense?” “Does that represent The Dirty Blonde Stylist?” Sometimes I feel like I am right on and other times, it looks like I missed the mark. Today I want to verbalize my brand. I want to tell you a few things that make up The Dirty Blonde Stylist to me.

She is a daisy to the peony. While I love peonies, The Dirty Blonde Stylist is more like a daisy. A simple mission for timeless confidence and beauty. She is not about trying to hard, but will definitely put forth the effort. That is the end goal with all my clients, classic, confidence, and effortless style.

Her personality is filled with champagne bubbles! She is bubbly, excited and most of all eager to celebrate. This brand came from my pure enjoyment and excitement for the people, I care about, celebrating big moments in their lives. I love that my skills are ones that can help make people happy and bring their celebrations to life.

Her style changes. Clothes allow you to be anyone you want to be. Barbie showed me the way there. If you want to be a rock-star one day and a princess the next day, your wardrobe should be able to support that desire. She will always dress up for herself and for her life.

She likes and appreciates the nice things in life. She also appreciates the simple things.

Black, white and soft pink. Bold, classic, modern and stylish.

She is not about being up to the minute fashionable. There have been many times, including now, when I don’t love any of the trends happening. I will never talk a client into buying only trendy things. There is a delicate balance between stylish and fashionable. She believes that stylish beats fashionable any day.

I hope this helps you understand more what me and my brand are about. The Dirty Blonde Stylist was not meant to be like the ones on Instagram that we all follow who are perfect. She was meant to be a reflection of certain parts of me. Excited and extra, yet down to earth and caring. If you want to know more about me or the The Dirty Blonde Stylist, shoot me an email below.


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