Wedding Kisses

Is it just me or has lipstick become obsolete? Masks have totally interfered with my lipstick style. out of habit I have applied my favorite shade with the hope that when I take off my mask it will still be there. Alas, I’ve mostly ended up with kiss prints and smudges on the inside of my mask.

This inspired me to hunt down some of the best long lasting, blushing bride lip stick/gloss for your big day! Grab your ideal shade by clicking on the links below. Everything from drug store finds to the luxury lipsticks to complete your look.

Bare – Kylie Cosmetics – $27.00

Maybelline – Lifter gloss – $6.99

Charlotte Tilbury – Matte – Gracefully Pink – $34.00

MAC – CreamSheen Lipstick – Peach Blossom – $19.00

NARS – Audacious Lipstick – Dayle – $32.00

As a wedding planner, my mind is constantly focused on how I can help the bride, groom and their family. If there was ever a day in her life when she should feel like the queen she is, it is her wedding day. My details go all the way down to the bride feeling confident in her lipstick.

If you are still looking for your day of coordinator or full service wedding planner, I would love to work with you. Send me an email at or fill out the form below for ll the details.


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