The Ultimate Sleepover

I believe that women are never too old to gather their girls and have a good old fashioned sleep over. There is nothing like that quality girl time to gossip about absolutely everything! This year for my best friend, I wanted to celebrate her birthday with a fabulous girly sleepover. I wanted to create a magical “sweet dreams” themed sleepover on a budget. I am excited to share everything from the home made decor to the sweet midnight snacks. So grab your gals and get ready to create your own ultimate sleepover.

The Decor

I decided I wanted to transform our man cave as much as possible. I bought a 40X100 FT roll of plastic white table cloth and got to work. With command hooks and fishing line I was able to drape the ceiling and cover the windows. I made the manly space look dreamy and airy!

I brought the dreaminess to life with fluffy clouds scattered around the room. Using foam-core as a base, I cut out a cloud shape in various sizes. From there, I used hot glue and pillow stuffing and just glued the fluff to the board. Next I created a few stars out if construction paper and skewers. I simply cut out the star shape and glued two together at the top of the skewer. Placed a dollop of hot glue to the bottom of the skewer and stuck it down through the fluff and attached it to the board. For the finishing touch, I sprinkled gold glitter on top of the clouds.

The Games

I love a good card game so for this party we had to have For the Girls, What do you meme. I stocked the party with different options as well including, Sex and City trivia and Barbie UNO.

The Snacks

A sleepover isn’t complete without the snacks! For me that meant popcorn, to accompany our girly movies obviously! I also Lucky charms, sugar cookies, chocolate covered pretzels, and movie theater candy. Oh, and champagne, of course champagne!

After that, you just sit back and let the night unfold. Simple touches really can make for an amazing, over the top party. There is nothing I love more then being able to shower my friends with love in the form of a party that has a lot of effort put into it.

I hope theses tips help you to create last memories for your best girls. If you are stuck and need help planning your celebration, I would love to help! Shoot me and email at, I can’t wait to hear from you!


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