26 going on 27

Today is my 27th birthday, HBD to me!

Every year for my birthday I treat this day as if it is my own personal new years. A time for thought, reflection and lots of champagne. My 26th year recap will not be as somber as the general recap of 2020, almost half of my 26th year was spent in 2019, a much happier time. Today I am going to give a quick recap on my 26th year. I will also look ahead at 27 and detail my goals for the new year.


The obvious highlight is that at the age of 26 I went from bride to wife! Entering into the newly wed phase of our relationship has been wonderful. Along with our newly wed status came our honeymoon and our first time to tropical Punta Cana. Following our honeymoon in November, I traveled to Cancun in December to view many gorgeous venues and resorts for work. Not long after, we celebrated our first Christmas in our home together. As we rolled into the new year, I hosted my first Galentines day in our home and surrounded myself with fabulous woman from all walks of life. Then…que the pandemic.

Low lights

In March of 2020 the pandemic hit the USA hard, rocking all industries, with no exception to the events and fashion industry. As excited as I was to continue growing my business with more brides than ever, 85% of my business for the year was postponed or cancelled. When everything first started to unfold, it was as if we all stopped and waited. Then we kept on waiting and waiting. If I had to describe 2020 in a word it would be, paused. While we waited for leaders and the CDC to tell us what was open, allowed or closed for good, it became harder to continue forward. For a while my progress stopped and I tried to only manage, not build, using the pandemic as an excuse.

The hidden blessings

Once I had taken care of my existing clients, I began to look at this time as an opportunity. For the first time, I had more time then ever. No longer was the excuse there of “Well if I just had some more time.” This was my time to shine. After I changed my mindset, I felt my surrounds start to change. I made out house into a home, tackling different projects, DIY and yard work. I came up with relevant and new content to help my followers and clients. I found more time to help my mom and grandmother with projects that they needed help with. I was able to focus my energy on self care with a daily morning workout and skin care routine. Small victories everyday left me feeling positive and prevailing over the pandemic.

What is to come

27 to me always sounded like that year where you grew up. Like “Oh, I want to have my first kid by like 27-29” The year where it seems like you start aging out of your 20’s as you get closer to your more mature 30 year old self. I don’t know if any of that is actually true for me this year but what I do know is that I will continue expecting more from myself. I want to continue to grow my baby of a business, pleasing my clients and helping woman find their stylish lifestyle. Lastly, I want to continue being a good wife, good daughter and good friend. At the end of the day those are the things that matter.

I have no idea how 27 will actually turn out. If you had told me 26 would end in a pandemic I wouldn’t have believed you. You never know what will come our way, I feel grateful for another year and patient to see what will come. No more years stuck on pause. Happy birthday to all the other Leos out there!


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