Putting A Spring In Our Step

For a lot of us today, we are ignoring those structured pieces, bulky sweaters and extra tight pants, in exchange for cozy cottons and fuzzy socks. I feel for my poor clothes, pushed to the side in exchange for something cozy. Even more so…my poor shoes! I haven’t worn anything other than bunny slippers and the occasional tennis shoe in so long! I am constantly thinking about when COVID-19 is all over and we are back to normal. As excited as I am for life to get back to normal, I am so excited get back to getting all dressed up again!

“What better time to stock my wardrobe” how I rationalize a little online shopping during lunch and in the evenings as a way to wind down. I must say, I am also just excited to have something coming, something fun just for me on the way.

When you find your free time, for a little retail therapy, check out some of my spring favorites!

Target $19.99
Target $34.99
Target $24.99
Target $29.99
Target $22.999
Lulus $33
Lulus $36.00
Lulus $29.00
Lulus $20.00
Lulus $31.00
Old Navy
Old Navy
Old Navy
Old Navy

I hope any or all of these pairs can put the spring back in your step during this less then fabulous time. Stay safe, stay stylish.


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