Quarantine and Cozy

Over the last few weeks, as more and more people have headed home, I find myself curious. How does everyone look? Are you still showering regularly? Are you exclusively wearing your comfy sweatpants from senior year basketball that are not all that cute anymore?

The mind of a stylist is always styling not judging. Stay at home moms and a lot of small business folk, have been trailblazing this path for years. I turned to them for guidance and to determine how they start their day!

Based on my research, most of them get up, get dressed and put themselves together even they aren’t facing a client that day. When I say get dressed that does not mean sweatpants usually. Truth be told, even if we are at home, clothes still make us feel a certain way about ourselves. Remember that feeling you had when you wore that super fabulous outfit to work, remember how confident you roamed the halls and the compliments from your co workers? Even though it seems like ages ago, everyone has had a moment like that.

While many of us are home, there has to be a way to keep that feminine look that makes us feel good about ourselves. I am sharing some of my favorite at home looks. These are all designed to make you feel confident and comfy!

Every outfit is complete with bunny slippers and little to no make up! Work from home in style without being uncomfortable. They say the people who work at home in jeans are trying to prove something. Yeah, trying to prove to myself, “yes I am still worth my own time. I am worth a little extra effort!”

If you are looking to update your style, at home or for when we all get back to the real world, shoot me an email about my online styling services at Thedirtyblondestylist@gmail.com.


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