Wedded Together

For those of you who don’t know, I am still a newly wed. I got married October 26, 2019 and some claim I still walk around with my head in the clouds like a newly wed would do. This time last year, I was knee deep in planning. To fast forward to two months out from October, I was almost 100% done with my planning. Invites were out, RSVPs were coming back, all vendors secured, timelines being created and I was so ready to get married.

Fast forward to today, my focus has shifted back to my clients and the brides I am serving today. My heart is breaking for all Brides who are currently faced with the decision “do we need to postpone our wedding?” Many brides are looking for guidance during this time. If there was ever a time to have a wedding planner now is the time. I am so relieved to hear other brides reference there wedding planner during this time. This unique situation is difficult to navigate even for the most experienced planner. Here are a few tips of places you can start if you have found your day at risk.

Seek outside help from the people on your team: This is an emotional time for everyone involved. Gather opinions from three key people involved in your planning who can offer logical advice. Your wedding planner, venue coordinator and your fiance as an example.

Look at your contracts: Knowing your options at face value will help you set the stage for what could happen. While some vendors are being lenient with their contracts and clauses, others may hold firm to cancellation or postponing clauses. Prepare yourself for what that total might look like as a way to brace yourself. You may also find a way out given the situation under a force majeure clause. I have been looking through all vendor contracts for my brides in an effort to save the couple money.

Let your planner help you: I know it can be hard for a lot of brides to let go and trust in someone else. In this case, the benefits of a professional will prove its worth. If you have not already, ask your planner to help in the following ways:

Review all contracts

Touch base with your venue

Present options for possible solutions

Serve as the liaison between you and the vendors during negotiating and rescheduling

All I can think is “how can I help?” For the next few weeks, I am offering what I call the “Social distancing discount” I am offering 20% off my three month coordination package. I truly want to help any way I can. If you are looking for a wedding planner or day of coordinator, send me an email at

Stay safe lovely!


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