The day of hearts and roses

For someone who loves love, it should be no secret that I very much enjoy Valentines day. Over the years as we grow up and grow old, I think our hearts get a little cynical. It is easy to brush off the 14th as “not a real holiday”. While every day should be love filled, something about having a day devoted to love and appreciation just excites me!

There are so many things to love in this life, and I am the first to say, “the best life is a balanced life.” I am constantly doing all that I can to keep a balanced life. With Valentines day around the corner my mind has shifted to the love in our life that keeps us balanced. We may not all be surrounded by chocolates, roses and romantic dinners on valentines but there is still love in your life to be thankful for. At the end of the day love is one of this things that keeps us balanced. I challenge you to find at least three loves in your life that keep you balanced. What do I mean by balanced? A love that without it you would feel incomplete, a love that pushes you and makes you want to be better, a love that keeps your heart smiling. For me those are fashion, family (friends who are like family included) and my husband.


My love of fashion


I love valentines more then most, I find myself searching for the perfect outfit. If I was a designer I would design an entire ready to wear collection for the holiday. I am sure there is an economical reason why designers don’t do this, but I would do it anyway. To be able to have a hot pink sweater with a big red heart on it paired with a red pleated skirt would be perfect! I find a lot of joy in day dreaming about clothes. Clothes and timeless style fueled many of my dreams as a young girl.

To this day I find myself with the urge to sketch out dresses I see in my head. It has become a love afire that I never grew out of. While my modest clothing budget prevents me from owning ever beautiful thing I see in the store window, I never stop loving the beauty of great style. If my love of fashion was gone, I think I would never find a way to satisfy the urge of creativity. I would never know what to draw or what to paint, I would just be like a toddler. Being able to put something I see in my head, down on paper is so exciting to me! That feeling, I just love.


My love of friends and family

I have always been one to keep a close small number of friends rather than an army of people. Through this, I have realized my friends would fight harder for me then any army ever could. Those friends have become like my family. I have been lucky to grow up with multiple grandparents, aunts and uncles, siblings and parents who love each other always. Each of these people hold a special place in my heart and selfishly they each influence me in different ways. I can talk to each of them about almost anything, my conversations and advice from each of them has shaped my personality over the years.

While I have experienced what it is like to have a piece of that fall away with the passing of my Dad. It took me a moment but I realized the love never died and I try to focus on the love in my heart that I still have for him and him for me. Keeping me balanced in my life with the love of everyone around me. Love is a powerful thing, simple as that.


My love of my husband

When I became a wife in October, the love I had for Jacob took on a whole new set of traits. Our love grew to a new level that included a grown up sense of self. I know I want to be a good wife and was very aware of some small things I could do to make that happen. It might mean putting away the dishes in the sink, keeping the house vacuumed and clean. I know he loves me when he calls up to the bedroom “Two cups of coffee today my love?” The answer is always yes. He gets me.

Our love and our life is my every day. I am reminded by simple things how lucky I am every day. Without Jacob and our love for each other, I don’t know what I would do. With a grateful and appreciative heart, I thank God as Jacob’s love lifts me up every day.

This Valentines I urge you to find and appreciate the loves you have in your life. Love on yourself, radiate love to others, and lean on God’s love. Happy Valentine’s day lovely!


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