For the love of love

It’s that time of the year, not Christmas not Halloween but Valentine’s Day! Anyone who knows me knows that I treat this day as a full blown holiday, I decorate, I send out cards, I buy so many little things to give as a simple gestures of care and love to all the people in my life. It took me until my first year in college to realize that Valentine’s Day was not just for people in a relationship, it was a holiday about love and there are a lot of people in my life I love.FullSizeRender (3) So since then, I have gone to great lengths to make people feel loved on that day in particular. So with only a few days till Sunday all my valentines are sent out to people afar and I’m just perfecting the few I have left to give to my family on the actual day of. This is will be my first Valentines in four years that I won’t necessarily have a “special someone” to send me things or spend it with, which is fine; it just occurred to me that on valentines I don’t know how happy I will actually be. With flowers, balloons, cards and large stuffed animals all around me I’m not sure if a little bit of jealousy will ensue? Let’s be honest it’s kind of easy to be jealous of those very lucky girls with that boyfriend who kills Valentine ’s Day every year.

This morning I unexpectedly found myself beyond jealous for one of my very good friends who got to do something that I have always wanted too, so instead of being happy for her I’m here angrily typing and wondering “why her and not me?” Saying that one statement out loud jolted me right back to reality. Jealously isn’t a good color on anyone. Life, success and love isn’t about a comparison, it is about being happy for the people you love and knowing that your time will come, maybe not in the way you expected but it will all work out


Regardless of my relationship status there is nothing that will stop me from getting all done up, even if it is just to sit at home. With a stunning red dress and busting out the red soles I will certainly be in the Valentine spirit. So on a day all about love I will be nothing but happy to spread love throughout the world regardless of what I get back in return. Today is someone’s fairy tale, it isn’t about you, it’s about love. Happy valentines to my love, to all my friends and family!



New year, old me


Coming to the realization that the holidays are over is a daunting thought to many festive folk, for me however it has given me nothing but less distractions for bettering me. I always used to get this way when I was going back to school for spring semester, recharged and ready to take campus by storm. All the new clothes I bought with my Christmas money, a new planner and a new outlook on working out. The New Year is always filled with optimism, even for the most cynical people. I have never been one for cynicism and new chance just amps my optimism way up. The sad reality is that I am not in school anymore and keeping my style and togetherness on point is a little more difficult.FullSizeRender (2)

I cant lie, since I have been home from school and graduated I have fallen into a bit of a rut. And not for nothing, I have been through quite a bit in the last few months. Through all pain I believe you find strength, that’s what I’m doing now, just capitalizing on it. Every year I look back on the list of my resolutions to see what I kept and what was lost within the first two weeks. I was surprised to notice how vague my resolutions were for 2015 and I began to wonder if I was more specific then would I be more likely to carry them out? So “make yourself better” in 2015 is equal to “get off your ass and get to the gym so you can be healthy and lose 15 pounds” in 2016. Someone told me that once you start half assing the little things eventually you are half assing everything in life and hearing that made me realize that’s how I have been living these last few months. I know that in 2016 there are no quick fixes that will make me happy, they are called a quick fix for a reason. For example being sad can no longer be fixed by a martin’s cupcake or a shopping spree at H&M clearance section. Because like always, next week that will be more pounds making you cry when your jeans don’t fit and another top to go out of season hanging in my closet. I am ready for something to last, granted that will take time; for that person, that body, that house and that job, but in the end I will be happy longer and finally have that accomplished feeling I have been yearning for.IMG_4347

I am patiently waiting to see who I will become in 2016, I am hoping some of the old me comes back; the strong, organized, hardworking and happy person I was. So come at me 2016, let’s see where this goes.


Love is Life


I for one am a person who loves loves. I am fascinated by those people who are truly in love and passionate about their partner. I love helping my friends with advice and anything I can do to help someone. Needless to say I am a hopeless romantic and an eternal optimist. If you too are like me then you know it can unfortunately be an easy way to get hurt. So far I have been able to bounce back and hide any type of pain I still have under a red lipped smile. This time of year especially, I like many others, put my heart into everything, I love my tree and how my room looks all decorated with silver and sparkles, I love watching adorable Christmas movies cuddled up with hot chocolate wishing I had that special someone to cuddle up with, it all comes with the Christmas spirit I think. But when you can’t be with that special someone there are always friends close by. I have one amazing friend who is sends me the most fabulous little reminders of our friendship from NYC! I am  so thankful for the little reminders and the small things that can keep you feeling fabulous. image3 (7)

DVF is one of my favorite brands, I love her book and the playful yet classiness of her clothing. Her brand stands for such love and freeness of the spirit, which is so obvious with the beautiful colors and prints. I am usually one to wear black, it’s a comfort zone of mine but when I’m sent a pink DVF envelope wallet I have to rock it!
The holidays are such a great time of year to pull out all the stops and go full force in fashion. This holiday season the most stylish woman at your holiday party will be sure to be wearing sparkles, velvet or black and gold. Huge trends to wrap up this year with! image13 (2)To love what you wear is to have confidence in yourself.  Let your confetti fly and celebrate the time, love and people you have all around you. Merry Christmas everyone!


The Boho Brunette

Lately the change in my life has been constant. Anyone who knows me, knows that change is not my favorite thing, so this week I spent time with my dear friend tDSC_0194he boho brunette. I want to tell you the story of not only her effortless style but a carefree and peaceful way of being.DSC_0205
I personally love that boho style that is all about ease, flow, beautiful patterns and fabrics. She has truly encompassed that style with this dress. Some people would say that it isn’t acceptable to wear a maxi dress in the fall. Here in Virginia, I will say that fall is off to a slow start, 75 degree days, sunshine and the occasional windy 60 degree day. So in my opinion this dress is more than perfect for this time of year. A long sleeve maxi dress with the beautiful teal, navy and brown pattern translates into that great fall feeling. As we walked around her ranch I was only further convinced that her style matched her personality to a tee. She loves the easiness of it all. “In a world so full of stress and problems, one of the easiest things to get dressed.” She told me. Most women would highly disagree with this statement; getting dressed is just another stress of the day that just happens right when you wake up.


If you look at this look though, the point is made; this is just a great dress. She has soft curls that come naturally and long necklace that really she threw on at the last minute. This look truly encompasses the ease of the boho style. There is something in my country roots that comes out whenever I think of boho and nature; it makes me feel at peace. Leaving her ranch I remembered  some of the little things that make me happy, that fall breeze across the green grass, beautiful photographs of one of my best friends, and that no matter the changes in my life, I will always be able to handle it, as long as I have friends, family and fashion.


With love

Since my first romantic comedy I have been obsessed with the idea of love, love was the closest thing that we have to magic and that concept always stuck with me. As I’ve grow, I’ve found so many things in life to love. Such as comfy sweat pants and a warm cup of coffee on a rainy day, getting all dressed up and having a drink with my girls on a Saturday night, and of course any second I get to spend with my long distance boyfriend of four and half years. There is so much to love in this world. That love will get you through some of the most challenging days.image9 (4)

A love I found at a very young age was my love for fashion. I fell madly in love with the art of design and how powerful your clothes can be, they allow you to say who you are without having to speak. Clothes and getting dressed let you become whoever you want to the outside world. Wearing an outfit you are confident in can change your whole attitude about the day, the better the outfit the better the day is a theory I prove to so many people. I get them to fall in love with not only the clothes they are wearing but how they feel when they wear them.

Self-love is so strong and so important when working in the fashion industry. Love for myself and not beating myself up. I love the fashion and the art that is put before me. However love for the business, is not always easy, as fashion can be one of the most fast paced and ruthless places to work. It’s one of those industries that can be very cruel to people, ridiculing people for bad ideas, lack of talent and of course being the wrong size. There is no other industry that can be so tough and unaccepting to people based on things that are not work related.image3 (6) Some days I wonder why my love is fashion, why I fell for such a tough, competitive and unforgiving industry, but then I think to myself it is because I want people to feel good about themselves. Realize that clothes are not the enemy but a confidence booster! I want people to fall in love with their own personal styles. So as I sit here and sketch more ideas, I ask you to let your heart be your guide, in love and in life. With love you are strong, with love you are protected.

The Greats

Karl Lagerfeld, Christian Dior, Marc Jacobs, Coco Chanel, Givenchy, Yes Saint Laurent, Diane Von Furstenberg, Donatella Versace, and Oscar De La Renta. All of these designers have made history in one way or another. Their timeless designs will forever be remembered and copied for mass consumption, the world’s trends and style are set by these people. They create the various schemes, textures and silhouettes that make up some of the most amazing creations! I have the utmost respect for designers, considering I want to be one.image10 I have a long way to go before I am designing and potentially creating memorable pieces that could go down in history. Until that day I will only study, learn and observe. Knowing the past is the key to the future. A mistake is not failure but only another opportunity. My endless collection of fashion books have taught me a lot. I was also lucky enough to have a major where one of my classes was the history of fashion design…pause to remember how lucky I am. History is just as important to a new design as a sketch. Some of the best inspiration is sourced from vintage pieces. We learn from mistakes, this is true in fashion and life.image4 (5)

One of the great things that have come from these great designers is the timeless silhouettes. Diane Von Furstenberg invented a revolutionary dress that can look good on just about anyone, a dress so soft, sleek and coveted by all; the wrap dress was born. The unmistakable fit and texture of a Chanel jacket will always be known around the world for a look of timeless professionalism and elegance.  And finally the high waisted full skirted design of the “New look” successfully created and marketed by Christian Dior, was a revolutionary look for the woman of the late 40’s. What goes around comes around and the high waisted full skirted look started by the “New Look” is coming back around to current runways and street fashion. Stick around long enough and history will repeat itself. While I am still trying to find my place in the crazy fashion world, the reminders of the greats that came before me keep me going. Sometimes you just need an old school red lip and classic pearls to get you through the day.



Post Grad or Postpartum?

While you are in school, the possibilities seem endless, your dreams are as close as graduation day. The truth is though that graduation day is going to come but your dream job or any job may not be there waiting for you. Now that I am three months out of college still with no full time job, it has become very easy to doubt myself and my dreams.image4 (3) - Copy 

It’s easy to think that I’m not cut out for this industry, that it’s too tough or that I won’t ever make it. Lately I have found myself in somewhat of a postpartum state, watching people on Instagram and Facebook move back to their college dorms and back to their college friends, I can’t help but wish I was going back too. It would just be easier to post pone the real world and go back to the fun college life. In college I wasn’t aware of how quickly the industry can put a dent in your plans and your dreams.image9 (3)

Today however I was surrounded by fashion and felt so inspired. I watched a documentary about Vogue and Anna Wintour called “The September issue” watching the fashion, the designers, creative directors and stylist work, I was so inspired! All I wanted to do was sketch! If that wasn’t enough I spent the rest of the afternoon flipping through the current issue of Vogue, soaking up all the fall trends and longing for a real job that could help my rationalize my shopping habit. On the other hand though, feeling so inspired today made my fashion dream come back to the forefront of my mind. I got a fortune cookie one day that said “old dreams never die, they just get filed away”FullSizeRender the quote is hanging on my wall as a little reminder that no matter how discouraged I get or how long it might take, I am going to make my fashion dreams come true. My markers, my coffee and my creative soul will get me there. As my September Vogue arrived so has my confidence in myself. September is my January, the time to start fresh and get my life on track. The carefree days of summer are gone and moving forward after graduation is all I can think about. In the words of Tim Gunn I am going to “make it work.”


Pre-Fall Panic

Anyone who has been around me lately has heard me gush about Pre-fall. For those who may not know what Pre-fall is, it’s a collection released by designers in between the fall and spring shows, a subcategory of high fashion. In basic retail, it’s the pieces that you see in late July that consist of items like light long sleeve shirts, cardigans, new denim trends and so on. Some people refer to this as back to school shopping.  Here in Virginia the weather is so tricky that in my eyes there are about two prime weeks for pre-fall. Days where there is a fall breeze that with still that warm summer air, so maybe low 70’s or upper mid 60’s is just about perfect. The time of year when you can wear a cardigan as a jacket and not freeze your ass off or when you can sport boots and jeans and not melt into a puddle from the summer humidity. It’s simply a magical time of year but when this weather strikes you must be ready, armed with the latest and most fashionable pre-fall items!

This summer while shopping and gearing up for one of my favorite fashion seasons, I realized that I wouldn’t be going back to school to wear all my new things. It was one of my first realizations that I had graduated. Not going to lie, had a minor meltdown in the dressing room. There are two types of people when you graduate; the people who can’t wait to get out of this hell hole and move on to making money. Then there are the ones, like myself, who don’t like change and aren’t ready to be a grown up and leave behind so many memories and friends. Whether you are ready for it or not, you have to move on because change is a part of life that you have to embrace.  And while I won’t get to showcase my favorite pre-fall outfits in a class room, the streets of Richmond will see and whether they notice or not I will feel amazing!image7 (2)

Here is a great example of an ideal pre-fall outfit. Props to MEL my mannequin for being my model for this style session. Anyway, this dress! A lined sheer, simple long sleeved deep purple dress. Layer with a long cream colored detailed cardigan, that is slightly longer then the dress. This look is great for transition not only from summer to fall but also casual to a night out. Add a long gold necklace to give it a more elegant look. Or for a more casual look throw a brown leather cross body messenger bag on and head off to seize the day! I literally love simple pieces because they go with so many things! This dress literally could be paired with so many other pieces to give it a totally different look.image12 The key to pre-fall and making your money go a long way, don’t pick pieces that can literally only be worn in those two weeks, if you get a dress make sure it would look good with tights underneath or a coat over top. Being less financially stable then I’d like to be, getting the most for my money is beyond important. Not only that but buying pieces that make you feel good, confidence completes every outfit. I am more confident. Now as I begin to move on from my college days I am more inspired than ever to work harder, spend smarter and rock the best pre-fall trends that I can.



Kate Spade and Coffee

There is a long list of To Do’s in life, setting up goals that will help insure a better tomorrow. The saying “God laughs when you make plans” has never seemed truer. Never did I think that I would change my major half way through school from fashion design to design management, never did I expect to walk out of school with three minors on top of my already business oriented major. And certainly I didn’t think that I would be sitting in my parent’s house with no job three months after graduation. Post grad life is not what I expected or what I think many people expect, countless job applications, phone calls and endless trips to with very little to show for it. It’s a scary, tough and exciting time in your life. You have the tools to do what you set out to do and now it’s all just opportunities waiting to be grasped. Coffee and the little fancy things in life help keep me positive. My precious Tiffany’s mug and Kate Spade to do list spice up the job search, reminding me I am still fun and fabulous.FullSizeRender Since graduation I have had the privilege to intern with one of the most fabulous women I’ve ever meet Caroline Birgmann! As a small business owner, blogger, stylist, party and event planner and all around amazing person, she has inspired me in so many ways and taught me so much already.  Her style and brand is so distinct, it’s hard to miss her gorgeous photos scrolling through my  . “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.”-Rachel Zoe FullSizeRender (1)(Another one of my idols). I used to think of this statement as only applied to clothes and getting dressed every day. But on the contrary, your style is all over your life. You deck your life in your personal style from the music that fuels your dance parties, to your home décor all the way to your personality. I have also come to understand you don’t have to have one distinct style especially since mine is currently a little all over the place right now, somewhere between chic rocker and boho cowgirl. I am so excited for all that is in front of me. As impatient as I can get from time to time I know it is all going to happen when it is meant to. That job, that house, that life. The long list of To Do’s will continue and my new blog and Instagram has been added to it. Day by day and outfit by outfit I will continue my journey down whatever path I am supposed to travel. No matter the path I’m sure my fabulous shoes will be leading the way.


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