Calm in the Face of Uncertainty

This is a time like many of us have never experienced. A virus “attacking” around the world and simultaneously causing drastic effects in the stores, workplace, schools and major events. It sounds like what horror movies are based on. Sadly, this is our reality that becomes more serious and close to home every day. Like many of you, I got to work and am surrounded by the news. It has consumed our metal capacity for most of the day, then it is all over social media when we are trying to relax. Even if you don’t have the virus, it is heavy on everyone’s mind. How can it not be, it is effecting our clients, business and future stability. How do we escape? The old habits of scrolling through social media will no longer serve as a place of refuge.

This weekend, I spent time with my Mom cleaning out my childhood room finally. We spent hours going through my old toys, photos, souvenirs I have from class trips, countless things that held great sentimental value for me.  We spent hours in my old room and walking around in my childhood. Although I spent an entire Sunday there and got little else done. I left my Mom’s feeling removed for just a moment. The stresses of the world around us faded away as I strolled down memory lane.


When it is all to heavy, where do we escape? Here are some of my favorite methods of escaping to a calmer happier place

  • Taking a long walk with headphones in
  • A bath with all the trimmings: Wine, candles, lavender bath salts, bubbles…the works.
  • A good Netflix binge of a childhood show or movie, America’s next top model, Boy meets world, sister sister to name a few of my favs.
  • Scrap booking, as I mentioned, going through old photos has a way of just letting your mind draft back to that time.
  • Yoga, my favorite at home yoga class is Yoga with Adriane, she’s fantastic for all levels!


My heart breaks for all of the Brides who are faced with the difficult decision of “Do I postpone or alter my wedding?”. I am so appreciative for all vendors, like myself, who are able to help Brides get through this storm and determine their options. I am grateful for all the service industry workers who are still giving the client the option to cancel rather then cancelling on them first. This is a time like no other, when we are all able to lend a hand to each other to help through this unique situation.

I hope that no matter how you are effected by all that is happening in the world, some moments, you are able to disappear from it all. I hope you are able to find a place of relaxation and peace for you, even if we are trapped at home.


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