Mother’s Day RVA

Real Life Inspiration:

My office over looks a beautiful lake, all day long people stroll around the lake and I can turn my head to look at them anytime I feel like it. Today I saw a woman in scrubs pushing a stroller with her toddler son standing on the back bar between her and the stroller. I thought to myself “wow that must be really heavy to push up that hill. I bet she just got off work too. Picked up those kids and said lets take a walk. Rather then go home and prop her feet up, she chose to take a walk.”

First of all, does anyone else’s brain work like that?

I digress, that strong woman pushing her kids along got me thinking about the people I look to in my life for inspiration any day, one in particular. My Mom.ACS_0544

My Mom:

This might seem like a given but let me be clear, my mom is an amazing woman. I have always been captivated by her love and knowledge of fashion, it quickly became a common interest that has provided countless hours of conversation. It wasn’t until I was older that I was able to understand what type of woman my mom was. She is Princess Peach as I call her sometimes, she is a girly girl with very sophisticated taste. She is a working mom to no end. Growing up her days were probably longer than I ever could have imagined. She left for work before we left for school and in the summers she was up extra early to drive my sister and I to our grandmother’s house 45 minutes from home and 20 minutes passed her work. She dropped us there for the day, backtracked to work, fought traffic to come get us in the afternoon, then took us the 45 minutes back home, made dinner and put us to bed. I never remember her being cranky, annoyed or anything but sweet while she read us bed time stories and sang us lullabies. Just writing that schedule makes me exhausted. That alone is an inspiration to the type of Mom, Wife and career woman I want to be.  I see my mom at least once a week, just seeing her makes me either feel like a kid again or makes me start to compare myself to her as a grown up lady now. No matter how I feel, I always have a sense of inspiration just for how I can better myself or grow from the things that my mom and I don’t have in common. In short, she is awesome.

IMG_8908Mother’ day is right around the corner, May 12th to be exact. It is a fabulous day to help show appreciation for a woman who has gone above and beyond for you your whole life. I don’t know about you but the obvious gifts like, costume jewelry, junk perfume and framed photos are just too over done for me. I have found that really dedicating a day to mom is a gift in its self. Now full disclosure, I am not a Mom and am in no position to say “what they really want” based on a lot that I have heard Mom’s want one of two things for Mother’s day. To either spend an amazing day with her babies or to be left alone for once. So for the Mom’s who do want to “just spend some time with us” here are a few ways you can spend your day with Mom here in RVA!


  1. Mother’s Day Peony Picnic

Sunday 12- 4 at Tuckahoe Plantation

  1. Mother’s day Brunch

Sunday 10:30 -2:30 at the Graduate Richmond

  1. Mommapalooza

Saturday, May 11, 11am – 7pm; Sunday, May 12, 11am – 6pm James River Cellars

  1. Mother’s day tea at Maymont

Sunday, 2:00- 4:00 PM Maymont Mansion

  1. 2nd Annual Belles at Brunch

Sunday, May 12; 11am – 2pm Rickey Johnson & Friends Foundation

  1. Mother’s Day Rooftop Sip n’ Shop & Buffet Brunch

Sunday, May 12; 11am – 2pm Kabana rooftop

  1. 25th Anniversary Museum District Mother’s Day House & Garden Tour

Sunday, May 12; 1pm – 6pm VA Museum of History

  1. Tea at the Jefferson

Sunday between 2:00 and 4:15PM Make a reservation!

  1. Mother’s Day Weekend at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden

Saturday, May 11 – Sunday, May 12; regular hours are 10am – 5pm Lewis Ginter

  1. Sexy Sassy Mothers Day – Paint & Sip

Friday, May 10; 7pm – 10pm – Slyderz Bar & Grill



Wishing all the deserving Moms a Happy and memorable Mother’s Day!



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