The Five Minute Face

The five-minute face:

Once upon a time, there was a show on TLC called “What not to wear” Hosted by Clinton Kelly and Stacy London.  The show was my first outlet to watch real people get transformed with a little help from; hair make up and properly tailored clothes. As a young fashionista myself, the show was a great teaching tool for me. I learned so much about clothes and style even if it was from the early 2000s. One thing that stuck with me was Carmindy’s “Five Minute face”. When I was younger make up was hardly my favorite, so her segment never really interested me. Now as a busy young adult I constantly think about her Five Minute Face routine. Over the years, I have created my own; lazy days, busy days, I don’t care days, or every day. This is pretty much what you can expect.

     I am the queen of drug store make up, not much of what I wear is expensive or hard to come by. My cover up is Cover girl Trublend. I don’t use a lot just to cover up the bags under my eyes and the acne that still plagues my face even as an adult.

make up (2)

Apply as needed to even out any trouble spots. After that, I apply the Bare Minerals powder. I love this stuff and even though I just said I am the queen of drug store makeup, this is my exception. Gifted to me by one of my besties, I haven’t gone back since. Apply all over to create a smooth even look.

Next up is eyebrows, being blonde, it appears that a lot of my eyebrow is missing unless it is filled in. So just a few strokes and boom, not flawless brows, but better than we started.

Following the eyebrows, I add a little highlighter to my cheekbones just because it’s easy, and very on trend.


My eyes are blue and I am in love with them, not to sound conceded. I have found that even on my busiest days, one swipe of brown eye shadow does wonders! My go-to is Maybelline Nudes Pallete, when I do have time for a full smoky eye, these colors are perfect for any blue eyed lovely.

Eyeliner used to be a scary task for me, it has taken many years to perfect the liquid eyeliner. A little swish of the wrist and poof perfect eyes. If only it were that easy, whether you are using liquid, pencil or a hybrid, a little eye liner on top is one more reason your eyes pop. (I consider the eyeliner an optional portion of this process)

When they say “a little dab will do ya” I believe they were referring to mascara. The difference it makes gets me everytime, it gives your eyes that great finished look.

My final step is lips, tinted chap stick or if I want to do it up a little more, a Kylie lip kit. My favorite every day shade from the Kylie kits is Koko K matte. It has that great matte finish, so your hair does not get stuck in it, also is the perfect shade or “trying not trying”. If I don’t want to be so extra, the tinted chapstick from Burt’s Bees tinted chapstick line, hibiscus.

So there you have it, 5 minutes, 7 products and you are good to go. Of course, there are a million varieties of products and steps that you can add and remove from this process. This is just me, 9 times out of 10 you will catch me with some version of this face on. So cheers to the busy moms, working ladies hustling towards their dreams, the hungover Saturday mornings, and the running late for your Monday, we got this!


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