Resolutions to realities

2018 has been kissed goodbye like an old friend, new year’s eve was spent thumbing through Instagram that essentially was just a bunch of Top Nine photos. Caption after caption was a reflection of the past year. People either going on and on like an Oscar speech or two or three words and emoji about summed it up. The next morning, along with a slight hangover, I was greeted to everyone’s plans and goals for this new beginning.ACS_0379 As I sat down to write mine, I thought to myself “I don’t even want to write this until I figure out a plan to get there” I sat longer, as I wrote my goals, I didn’t move onto the next one until I had scribbled a few notes as a plan next to each of them.  So next time you post, I challenge you,  don’t just tell me your goals, tell me your plan!

My list has been completed but could still grow or change over this year. My goals for The Dirty Blonde Stylist are small compared to some but would be making up something large and in charge. As a planner, I take comfort in knowing or having an idea for how things are going to happen, but even the best-laid plans are open for error. img_0078 When I tell you to make plans to reach or keep your resolutions, they don’t have to be the exact order or the right first step, but you do have to take a step or a leap for that matter. Resolution is defined as a firm decision to do or not to do something or the action of solving a problem, dispute, or contentious matter.  Firm, there is no swaying or contemplation, you have decided that this is what you want and you are going to get it. Isn’t that where this all started, this dream, this business of yours? You don’t say your resolution is to lose weight and not have any plans to eat differently. Action, making moves and taking chances on building something for yourself.  You are going to figure this out; this life, this problem, this business, you’ve got this! So let 2019 really be the year of change or the year of WHATEVER  you need it to be. For me this will be the year I get married, first and foremost, this will be the year I change into a wife! (eeppp) For my business, I don’t know what’s in store, but I do know I am working towards something, its firm and actions will be taken!


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