Good Ole Days

The same ole same was the good ole good. We complain that every year is the same ole same when it comes to holidays and the new year. To some extent this is true, more likely than not, you put up the same decorations, have the same fights with your family, eat the same Christmas eve meal and so on. While we complain about the lack of excitement in our holiday plans, did it ever occur to us that these are the good ole times? img_2007I always have wished that I could have known I was in the good ole days while I was in them. I wish I had appreciated more the time when I could go to my room and play in my doll house, envisioning this perfect life with my Barbies. I wish now I could pretend to be a kid and it could feel as real as when I used to pretend to be an adult, granted I still think of myself as a kid in a lot of ways. The good ole days aren’t always old, these could be the good old days, being 25 and hustling to make a life for myself. They could be later, maybe when I’m 30, I’m married and have kids or whatever that future looks like! The point is, we have to appreciate the time we are in.acs_0408

Constantly we hear this, “don’t take life for granted” and “you never know what tomorrow holds”, those annoying phrases make you wish you had listened when the time comes for a part of your life to be over. Like the time you have with your parents or the time you spent at that job.  It’s all behind you before you can realize how valuable it was. 25 years feels like nothing when it all comes to a close. A bit of advice for someone who is going through it, there is no time for regrets, there is no time to dwell on mistakes that you can’t fix, there are never enough times to say I love you.

My wish for us all in 2019 is to keep a good eye on the large picture of life. Don’t let your head get so stuck on one thing you miss out on the other things. These are the good ole days, enjoy them while you are here.


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