The Revamped Resolutions

With the holidays quickly approach us, I can’t help but feel like my mother, she always said that once December 1st hits, Christmas may as well be tomorrow, with all the things that happen in December, she isn’t wrong. acs_0360The number of things we achieve in December without even realizing it is crazy! We decorate our entire house in a matter of days, we manage to shop twice as much as we normally do per month, we find time on the weekend for Christmas themed outings and parties, I am meticulously organized with upcoming events, spending and to do lists a mile long every day.

December itself and can be exhausting, so I really can’t blame people for being tired and over the holiday season at times. But step back a moment and look at all you are accomplishing. You are doing all this and still keeping yourself feed, looking lovely and still maintain that boss babe hustle! We often complain “They’re aren’t enough hours in the day” yet at Christmas we find a whole new strength for getting things done. As soon as the holiday hustle is over we are onto new years and told to make a resolution for things we want to change or improve upon. If being more productive, organized and efficient is one of those things, you are half way there! Keep up the holiday hustle and just replace wrapping gifts with wrapping up loose ends, change make cookies to making deals and keep in mind, that all these gifts are going to be for you! Setting goals early are one of the easiest things you can do.ACS_0355 Rather than January first writing up your list and then taking a week to devise a plan of how to actually keep your resolutions, make them now and just go ahead and start! Start working on your procrastination, resists having two holiday cookies, let this time of year fill your heart with joy and just hang onto that feeling. I can’t promise you will keep your resolutions, but I can promise that come January 1st  you’ll already be on the right side of the new year.

Happy Holiday season Boss babes!


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