When life gives you oranges

We all know the expression “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” But what about when life gives you something you even more unexpected, even more of a dud, an orange? There is only so much in life that one can prepare for. One of my favorite things to tell me brides about is my plans; emergency plan, rain plan, missing person plan etc. I take a lot of pride in being able to prepare as much as possible for the unexpected on the Wedding day. IMG_0220.JPGWhen it comes to life, it isn’t as easy to be as prepared. It would be great to have 6 months worth of bills in our savings and then some, it would be great to have a plan if there was an emergency and have a quick getaway bag, or to be able to foresee an illness. It would be great to be able to be that prepared, tragically we can’t be that ready for the unexpected. there is no fun in life without the unexpected, even when it isn’t a welcomed surprise. What if your business closed tomorrow forever? What if your home burned to the ground? What if your spouse was diagnosed with a devastating disease? Would you be ready? The “what if’s in life could go on and on and it is easy to worry yourself to death with thoughts like these.

I have no quick fix for how to prep your life for the most unexpected moments, what you can prep, is your mind. There will be plenty of lemons for life to give you and even the occasional orange, a positive mind and plenty of prayers will get you through anything.  Being able to be positive and hope in even the worst situations will make the world of difference.IMG_6289 Recently my life went through a dramatic change of my own. I found the light through these dark times with things that make me happy. Posting lovely happy photos, spending a lot of time with my family and fiancee, and last but not least, prayer. Your recipe for hope may be different, but finding what continues to make you happy in the hard times is essential. Those things, people, moments, will become even more special to you when this is all over and on the other side.

So next time life gives you an orange, may as well make a mimosa!


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