Bringing back #YOLO

Watching old episodes of Keeping up with the Kardashians is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I love me a Kardashian, literally could sit and watch a marathon of a season I’ve seen a million times, any time of the day. Do you remember the episode, when they all go to Greece and preach “YOLO” at any given point? Well, that episode reminded me of a time when a trendy (annoying) word made people live like they were dying. When you could get someone to do something daring and exciting by yelling “YOLO” at them. As the word quickly got overused, people stopped saying it, and also stopped taking chances. As annoying as that word was, I kind of miss that mentality. ACS_0183.JPG

As a #Boss Babe, there comes a moment when you decide, you’re gonna just go for it. Recently, I came to this decision. As young entrepreneurs, it is way too easy to over think things. Every email and how it should be worded becomes a three-day thought process while you get distracted and do other things.  Every layout and option could be done better and you postpone one thing after another on your to-do list. For me, I had to literally say YOLO and just do it. Write an email, so what if it isn’t perfect, there are plenty of other emails to write. Launch your page, changes are natural with growth. I bet you there are not a lot of people who still have the exact same page they had when they first started. img_0078

There will always be times when you second guess your self, whether in life or in your business. What’s important to remember, is that you truly only live once. Postponing your decisions and taking forever to take a chance is not how I would want to exit my life. It took the loss of my full-time job to realize I had to take a real chance on The Dirty Blonde Stylist. My hope is that it doesn’t take such a loss, for you to take a chance on your dreams and your business. So I’m raising my Champagne to bring back YOLO, we all live once and there are plenty of chances to go around. Cheers!


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