New year, new fears, new triumphs

Fear has a way of over powering our lives in some ways. It sneaks in even in the most pleasant situations. There are times when I’m scared that things are going too well. I get scared for what going to happen to mess that up. Of course there are things that aren’t right or haven’t gone my way but what’s the fun of a perfect life. There would be nothing to work towards, nothing to dream about, and nothing to sink your teeth into and work on. C3357182-F882-4C5E-9F29-416EF6EE7D10That’s one thing I love about new years, it’s a holiday that brings out people’s fears, insecurities and issues but in a positive way. It’s a day and a time that makes you want to fix those things. All of a sudden you have the confidence to think you can turn over a new leaf. Many resolutions are broken within weeks after new years eve, lets face it we cant fix everything. There is always something that changes, fixes or you are really working towards now. For me there are two things on my list this year; I want to take better care if myself and my body. There is nothing more I would love then to be more confident and healthy, those stem from a heathy lifestyle and less lemon cake from Starbucks. The other major resolution I have for 2018 is to discover what I want to do next in my career. Since I graduated, I have been full force towards achieving a dream career that will make me happy. With that drive I have bounced around to few different jobs and landed in a comfortable place. I know in my heat that my career is not in a comfortable place. I’m yearning for more, but finding a hard time figuring my next step. I’m sure there are many other #bossladies who have encountered this struggle. It isn’t always cut and dry what your next step should be. So how to escape the dead end you feel you’ve hit?B4A9E67A-3A7D-497A-AD8A-0023F17A11C1 I am not saying new years eve will whisper the secrets to my success in my ear at midnight but I think amongst the glitter, champagne and confetti I will find the mental break from the worry I have been seeking. So to all the up and comers who are stuck at the same road block, you are not alone. I pray that all of our new years are filled with change for the good, peace of mind and lots of champagne popping moments!



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