The Bitter Bite

As if there weren’t enough hard things about adulting, can we talk about jealousy and being just a little bit bitter? As young professionals, especially as a creative, we are forced to work hard, push more and hustle always. These are the tools of success we are brought up on in this modern world. So when we follow the rules for two years and get hardly anywhere, then have to watch a young graduate walk out of graduation, cross the finish line with a new full time job, apartment and career…how am I supposed to not be bitter.IMG_3479

Most Children are brought up with the notion that “life isn’t fair” while this is true, that doesn’t  make it suck any less when someone is handed something you’ve been working hard towards. So how do we deal with it? We know “things aren’t fair”, “karma is a bitch” and “it is what it is” but these clever phrases don’t help or make it better. Anyone working towards something has a drive, that thing that keeps them going. Using that drive is shadow the hard times is what keeps you going. As far as feeling better, time is the only healer. Eventually, you will move on to your own triumph and success, even if it isn’t how or when you planned. As I’ve grown, each year I learn more and more how true “everything happens for a reason” is. It’s some of the most painful things we go through that bring us to who we are.IMG_3267

Working through my jealousy and frustrations with life, I honestly find comfort in myself. I read old blog posts, I look through old pictures and remember a different time. It reminds me of what I’ve been through; the good, the bad, the funny, the scary. Using what I’ve already written, is like taking advice from myself. Your work, your effort and your connections will get you somewhere but your faith will take you anywhere.


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