As a girl, if you ever want to see the phases you were going through, there are a few place you can look. 1. your clothes 2. your Google searches and 3. your Pinterest page. Recently I’ve been a little wedding crazy, and I use the excuse that I’m doing research for brides and staying on top of trends for future clients. Recently though, I have been planning my own wedding based off of a nonexistent proposal. Literally planning everything; the places, the dress, the rings, the food, and even the people. I almost wrote down a guest list…it wasn’t long before my entire Pinterest was only wedding things. I was a little embarrassed, I had let something that isn’t even happening yet take over my running thoughts. It didn’t take long to notice that the things that kept me balanced were no longer there. The recipes, workouts, street style, and home decor, things that for me help make up a balanced and fulfilled life, were pushed to the bottom and sometimes never represented on my board. The single focus that my Pinterest board turned into made me think about how I can help others balance their lifeIMG_2914

Looking at my Pinterest as a balance board for life may not be accurate but it may help me describe what a life stylist is. When I had my business cards made and took that leap of faith in myself as an entrepreneur, I wasn’t sure what I was, fashion or events? I didn’t want to make two separate cards, so I landed on “Lifestylist”. All aspects of life deserve to be pretty, styled and tailored to you, and be in balance with everything else, just like a good outfit. A balanced life is a happy life, just like a good Pinterest feed. Having all the focus on one area is not healthy, and keeping each area pretty and well maintained and interesting is what a lifestylist does. Anything can be pretty, anyone can be fabulous, and any single day can change your life. IMG_3189

Style is who you are without having to speak. This statements holds true to your home, your clothes, and even your way of living. Giving those few extra moments can make the world of difference, but if you ever need a little help, I’m right there for you. Keeping life pretty is like keeping a balanced Pinterest feed, never letting things get chaotic and out of hand.



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