Summer Sunnies

As we get older, I don’t know if it just me, but do you feel like summer just doesn’t quite feel like summer anymore? I was born a summer baby, July 30th, and I have always been one for tan skin, wavy beach hair and being poolside for hours on end. As we grow up, no one reminds us that the days you used to spend making sand castles on the beach are traded for days in a stuffy office behind a computer screen. While we may have kissed good bye to summer break, we shouldn’t kiss away that little extra summer style.

Summer is all about the Sunnies, that perfect pair to give you that extra kick of on trend. There are three sunglasses trends that I wanted to bring to your attention. First, the Dramatic pair, are everything and more for that bold HBIC on the beach… Not to mention the mirrored front lenses to cover any shade you may be throwing in any given direction. If you know me at all you know I love a good bargain, these bad boys are only $11.99 on Amazon… I mean. Image result for pastel pink sunnies

Second, if the Edgy girl look isn’t your thing, try a softer rounded look with these great aviator like sunnies from Ashby in the RVA for you local girls. I have been obsessed with these most of the spring and am excited to carry the trend into my summer wardrobe. IMG_2904.JPG

Lastly, I want to talk to my girly girls. That great pastel pink you all love, well it’s finally on trend bigger then ever this summer. It’s soft and does wonders for that tan skin we all crave during the summer. You can find this color palette all over the runways and in every store in a multitude of ways.More suits* #menstyle* style and fashion for men...


Even though #adulting has taken away a lot of our freedom during these summer months, don’t let it take your sense of style.



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