Product Feature: Brown Box Inc.

During this Adulting time, in a twenty somethings life, you can’t get on Facebook or Instagram without seeing Engagement rings, ultrasound photos and new homes in the background. I’ll be the first to admit its hard not to be envious of those who are achieving goals at such a young age. I look at it as, more to look forward to later in life. So for those of us who are still just trying to get through the day at a bull shit job, not want to kill ourselves when we come home to our childhood bedroom and rubbing two pennies together trying to make a nickel, heres to you.

I recently was invited to a birthday party of a friend of a friend and was faced with the challenge of buying a gift for her. I’m extra and don’t like to come to a party empty handed…it’s rude.

We all have that friend, that girl we know through so and so and is in our group but we don’t really communicate outside of when we aren’t with all our friends. We don’t hang out one on one or know each others middle names but at the same time we are kinda friends. I hardly knew anything about this girl honestly and yet I did not want to show up with wine or a gift card. Through much searching and right in time for Labor day/ Summer I found Brown Box Inc. The cutest little Etsy shop that is targeted for broke college kids and young adults who want to give or get something unique! Upon further investigation I discover that they recently launched their site, I felt honored to be a trail blazing customer!

Seriously though, there was nothing to complain about with this company, adorable, affordable and quick! Themed gifts at an affordable price, What more could you want. I love finding up and comers to support! If High School Musical taught us anything as entrepreneurs  “We are all this together”


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