Phasing out the phases

As a young adult, we have a habit to become laser focused on a certain thing for a matter of time then drop the microphone never to revisit the subject. Exhibit A. That time when you thought you were going to be a Instagram model, for a few weeks all you did was like other photos, research models who had made it from the popularity of their Instagram, take pictures against your white garage door and come up with clever captions and hashtags just to get a subpar number of likes. Eventually to give up and just go back to regular pictures of life where you aren’t trying quiet as hard.img_1662.jpg

In today’s world, we are open to so many alternative careers, by that I mean nontraditional jobs. There are some people who live on Instagram, posting photos for companies as an ambassador. We also have careers running other peoples Social media. These are jobs that did not even exist until a few years ago. Every twenty something is gunning for those few spots. While the importance of Social Media isn’t going away any time soon, what are you left when the Social media manager is no longer hiring? We all go through phases that mean so much to us for a brief moment then are gone like the wind. Platform heels, jelly bracelets, and jeans under a slip dress…trends that have lived and died. Just like fashion trends, we go through phases of our career that we need to go through to come out on the other side knowing how we feel about it. Whether thats what you love and want to do the rest of your life or hated and are done with!IMG_1831

Growing as a boss lady we have to separate what is just a phase and what our true calling is. If you were put on this earth to be an Instagram model, more power to you, I’m jealous. Job hopping is not cute after, say 30, so as we grow into polished, professional boss ladies we must work to phase out the “phases” of our career that aren’t leading us towards a bigger goal. I’m 23, not to say I’ve figure it out by any means, but I’m going onto bigger and better things as soon as I’m done with this annoying phase I’m currently in.


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