No Pain No Gain


The past is a powerful thing, it built you up to who are now, it has placed the scars that haunt your present, its set your way of thinking based on experiences. The past is constant, yesterday good or bad, is now in the past.

Think of a horror movie, behind you is where the killer creeps. Our fears typically stem from what is behind us. Not many of us walk around unafraid and unfazed by scary things. There is plenty in this world to frighten us all. Doing your own thing is possibly one of the scariest things for an up and coming #bosslady.

One of my favorite quotes is “The best is only at the cost of great pain” Some people would disagree with this, but when I first heard it, everything clicked and even when I was in the middle of the great pain I knew something great would be waiting for me on the other side. Using the pain and hurt from the past helps you build and grow. This easily applies to all areas of life; relationships, family, business and  school.IMG_1606

The fact is, you will be disappointed in this life. You will be let down by people, things and sometimes the hardest, yourself. It isn’t how or when you fall but its what you do once you’re down. Some people take a moment to regain their strength, like myself. I always get back up, I have yet to give up on things that will make me happy in the long run. The best part of being down is that you can only go up. What gets you back on our feet? To fully know what can pull you back up, is to know what makes you happy and know what drives you.

So what pulls up back up? What knocked you down? What made you almost give up? Are you currently down waiting for a hand up? Let me know! We can’t make it in this world without a little help from others as inspiration.


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