Monkey bars motivation

Most of what I write about is confidence, #adulting and growing pains in your early twenties. I feel it is only fair to warn the young ones growing up behind me of what they are in for.FullSizeRender 3

I had lunch with on of my fabulous college friends this past weekend and while reminiscing about beer, boys and back roads; we realized that its crazy how different things are and how different the mind set is even just from a year ago. This time last year I was knee deep in a depression. Heart ace, rejection and learning the hard way. I couldn’t let go of a college mind set, losing friends, moving back home not having my own space and just having a different life that wasn’t about test, graduating or what we should do Friday night. Now life was about money, loans and trying to get my dreams going.IMG_1451

Today I am a little smarter, a little older and a lot more comfortable with where I am in life. Life is like the monkey bars sometimes. All major steps are represented by a bar. Any adult who has tried to climb the monkey bars knows that its a lot more difficult to climb them now then when they were a kid. Kind of like life as a kid, life seems so simple. Grow up, get a job, get married, have babies, be a grandma then die; Life is simple. As we grow up things become more complicated and require more out of us. Just like reaching out for those next bars when your a quarter of a way through it gets tough, you get tired just like you get old and reaching for those next bars are a little harder. It’s getting easier to let go though, let go of that college life bar and reach out for the next bar in front of me. Reach out for that career bar, that marriage and house bar. One bar at a time.




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