Celebrations and Decorations

People always get on me about being over the top, I could plan a dinner at a brewery and take it to a whole other level real quick; request everyone dress their best, send out digital invites, since the dinner is probably like two days away, get there early to decorate the table with fresh flowers and little theme related decor. Its something that I’ve embraced about myself. It’s something that once I did embrace, it made my career a little more clear. IMG_0478

I believe that there is always a reason to celebrate; every holiday, birthday, special event in your life and just celebrating life in general. This I have believed since my early years and passion for fashion. Dress up for yourself, take that extra five minutes to make yourself feel good the rest of the day. The always inspiring Rachel Zoe taught me that. Stepping into the event and wedding world takes that celebration to a whole new level. I constantly find myself being sucked down the rabbit hole of decor, themed food and a great outfit to match the occasion. For example,  tomorrow is St. Patrick’s day and what have I spent a solid chunk of my afternoon doing, searching on Pinterest for green drink recipes, playful and tasty treats I can bring to the party and spray tan coupons so my pale ass skin doesn’t frighten anyone in my green dress. Waste of time? Maybe a little, but I couldn’t be more excited to go to Target after work and pick up all the supplies I need to complete St. Patrick’s day! I don’t love St’Patricks day, but I love having a reason to celebrate! To gather with friends and drink fun drinks. I am this way about any and all holidays. Celebrating is that good job, that congratulations that makes you want to keep going. Small celebrations help us get to the bigger ones, so celebrate those tiny victories. You got that copier unjammed all by yourself, you finished that essay that you racked your brain about for days, you got through the day with only two cups of coffee instead of five, you made it to Friday and can’t wait to pop champagne and kick back! IMG_0078

So to all you nay sayers who think its just another day, it is, another day to celebrate life! Take each day as a blessing and a chance. #Blessed that you get another day on this earth and another chance to do better, be better and make this world a better place.

Decorate life, celebrate yourself.


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